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Bloodshed in Brooklyn – Video from the Final Night

October 2, 2014 by Leave a Comment

The News

After spending several days stuffed in crates with no food or water, tens of thousands of chickens were swung in the air and slaughtered during the final night of Kaporos, the Yom Kippur ritual of transferring one’s sins to a live chicken.

Ritual practitioners line up to slaughter sin-filled chickens

Ritual practitioners line up to slaughter sin-filled chickens

Slaughter in the streets of Brooklyn

Slaughter in the streets of Brooklyn

Following is a short video of the chaotic scene during the final hours of the ritual – the chickens, the butchers and the ritual practitioners debating the protesters.

In a bit of irony, a Mitzvah (good deed) mobile was parked near slaughter tent

In a bit of irony, a Mitzvah (good deed) mobile was parked near slaughter tent


Protesters clash with Kaporos practitioners

Protesters clash with Kaporos practitioners

By and large, the practitioners cannot relate to the protesters' concerns about the chickens

By and large, the practitioners cannot relate to the protesters’ concerns about the chickens

The 2014 Yom Kippur street protests are over, but the Alliance to End Chickens as Kaporos will, throughout the year, continue its fight to outlaw this barbaric ritual. Because of its size and voting power, the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community is very powerful, but, through legal strategies, outreach to sympathetic rabbis, public relations and education, the Alliance is convinced that the chickens will ultimately prevail.

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  1. Zizi says:

    Unfortunately, this kind of coverage of an archaic, hideous ritual practiced by a small number of Jewish fanatics, and rejected by most other Jews, gives ignorant anti-semites free reign to vent their disgusting hatred of all Jews. And while not a practicing or religious Jew myself, I am very proud to call myself a Jew; a Jew who takes pride in my own accomplishments, especially on behalf of animals, as well as in my heritage and in the history and outstanding achievements, relative to their small number, of the Jewish people in every field of science, medicine, literature, music, education, the arts, politics etc. Sad that even in this day and age, with the atrocities of the Holocaust still burning in our memory, this proud and extraordinary people continue to be victims of unjustified prejudice and scorn.

    “…when we single out a minority practice that is admittedly evil but the evil of which is morally indistinguishable from that in which the vast majority of critics themselves engage, it is difficult to provide a meaningful account of the protest that does not at least invite and enable anti-minority prejudice.”
    “Singling Out Jewish Kaporos For Criticism” by Sherry F. Colb is Professor of Law and Charles Evans Hughes Scholar at Cornell University (2014).

    Billions Muslims have their “sacrifice” each year, of millions of animals for Eid; and to all the “high and mighty” -Christians, pagans, Hindus or those of almost any other religion (except for the Jains)-, let us not forget their history of human sacrifice, the Crusades, the Inquisition, the Witches of Salem, all in the name of religion and still today, the Christmas lamb, the Thanksgiving turkey, the roasted pig or bacon and eggs ….for which billions of animals are “sacrificed” for the dinner table. “Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone…”

    “People act in all kinds of ways for all kinds of reasons. When it comes to actions that cause suffering, the basis of the person’s justification doesn’t matter – all we are interested in is making it clear the action is not acceptable. When religious ideas of morality, blasphemy and action are institutionalized, inequality results as other religions are overlooked or even indirectly proscribed. All special religious rights should be abolished as we are not legislating against religion (as deviant thought is not criminal), but against harmful actions. These harmful actions should be legislated against no matter what religion people are, therefore, it is rarely required to mention specific religions in law, or to exempt them from law.”
    “Legislation and Faith: Religious Rights and Religious Wrongs” by Vexen Crabtree (2013)

  2. Rosita says:

    And they wonder why all the stacks on their cars in Brooklyn they deserve much worse
    Do what they do to chickens
    To their idiot fu.. Jewish
    Kids they don’t deserve to live
    Give all their kids to the Saudis to do their tradition

  3. Coco Visser says:

    Sick religion fucks!!! Go all to hell!

  4. 2015 AD. And these bloody fools ,still believe in this crap!
    Its just a sad ,silly sight to have to see.


  6. Alamar says:

    This Jewish’s religious tradition makes no moral sense, to say the very least! Are these people ignorance, blind and heartless? How is it possible to think that a tradition where one thinks by transferring one’s sins to another sentient beings will make one any “better”, or “less as a sinner”? Is this really what these Jewish people is trying to accomplish every year? God teaches do not judge others and do not think that you are better than the rest, but I can’t help but thinking these people must be mental retards! I’ll be glad to take the blame when one day I get to see God, but right now, I am saddened by knowing that even in a so-called civilized society, barbaric acts of causing further unnecessary to animals are being displayed publicly. The acts of being cruel to innocent and helpless chickens in itself is a mockery of a religious’ tradition that is all so shameful!

  7. Amy NOYB says:

    I’m disgusted in the Jewish community and the NY leaders for allowing this to happen. I thought I was looking at pics in another part of the world. WTF..

  8. Christina says:

    We can only hope people won’t forget about this now that it’s over, and then next year we will see the same thing happen again.

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