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Animal Rights Activists Protest at Manhattan Slaughterhouse

February 21, 2020 by Leave a Comment

The News

Slaughter Free NYC, a grassroots animal rights group advocating to shut down the nearly 100 slaughterhouses in the five boroughs of New York City, staged a protest at a “live market” in Inwood, a largely Hispanic neighborhood in Upper Manhattan. Live markets are storefront slaughterhouses where consumers can pick out animals in cages and have them slaughtered on site.

The protesters were joined by local area residents who assert that the slaughterhouse compromises their quality of life by polluting their sidewalk with contaminants and exposing them to infectious disease. “You never saw that in a good avenue,” said a local Dominican American man of the slaughterhouse. “This is Hispanic neighborhood. Poor people. They don’t know the infections this could bring to you.”

Activists with Slaughter Free NYC stage a protest and conduct educational outreach at a slaughterhouse in upper Manhattan

Mariolis Espinal, a woman in her 20s who lives on the same street as the slaughterhouse, joined the protest to speak out against both the public health risks and the animal cruelty. “I walk my dog through here every morning, and they leave a lot of dead animals on the floor. It’s wrong, so why is it still happening?”

At live markets in NYC, customers choose the live animals who the want to buy, and workers slaughter them on site.

Slaughter Free NYC launched in January 2020, when local activists learned of a New York City mandate that prohibits issuing new slaughterhouse licenses to any location within 1,500 feet of a residence, which is most of NYC.  “The language of this mandate, passed unanimously, illustrates the very reason why all slaughterhouse operations should cease within city limits, not only new businesses,” said Jill Carnegie, a co-organizer of Slaughter Free NYC. “These slaughterhouses not only pose a health threat, but they also jeopardize property values, exploit workers who are mostly undocumented immigrants, and dramatically impact quality of life for neighborhood residents with horrible odors and sounds of animals fighting for their lives.”

Before the vigil began, several activists entered the live market to document the conditions in which the chickens are held prior to slaughter. “You can hear them screaming. They’re intensively confined. They cannibalize each other. They’re dead in the cages,” said Slaughter Free NYC co-organizer Maureen Medina.

Chickens are stored in feces covered cages until they are purchased and slaughtered

The group is flooding the city reporting mechanism, 311, and New York State’s Agriculture and Markets agency with violation complaints. “Live Markets operate in a grey area between multiple city, state, and federal agencies. According to Jill Carnegie, these agencies consistently pass responsibility to each other, leaving these slaughterhouses free to violate the laws and with little to no oversight.

After customers select the live chickens who they want to purchase, slaughterhouse workers grab them from their cages and bring them into the back room to be killed

“Slaughterhouses are bad for everyone – animals, workers, communities, and the planet,” added Carnegie, “They have a devastating impact on public health and even undermine our struggles against prejudice, inequality, injustice, and violence.”

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  1. Joan says:

    Thank you Donny and protesters for shining a light on the evils of animal slaughter.

  2. Pro-life says:

    Great job! Now let’s get rid of Abortion and the baby killer Drs. When can we arrange a Protest?

  3. Zizi says:

    Bravo to Donny Moss and to the compassionate people who joined in protesting the slaughterhouses that kill living sentient beings!!! It’s long past time for all animal slaughter to End!

    And let’s not forget the thousands of healthy/treatable-trainable/adoptable companion animals, our beloved kitties and pups, who are murdered each year in taxpayer-supported NY Animal Care Centers, simply for want of a home!

  4. Phil Mckrackin says:

    Just more harassment of legal businesses and attempting to put people out of jobs. Great Job Fools!

  5. Meat Eater says:

    I didn’t know this place exists! Awesome….going tomorrow to get me some live meat to eat. Thanks Donny!

  6. Joel Stein says:

    Slaughter Free NYC, I applaud you for bringing attention to the horrific slaughter that goes on in NYC. Keep up the good work. And never give up the fight against the despicable treatment of animals that goes on in the ‘live markets’; especially chickens. All animal rights activists stand behind you.

  7. Holly Friedman says:

    Can I be notified when protests are happening in nyc?

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