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Over 500 Animal Rights Activists Participate in Slaughterhouse Vigil; Nine Animals Saved

July 6, 2018 by Leave a Comment

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During the 2018 Animal Liberation Conference in Berkeley, California, over 500 animal rights activists traveled to the city of Stockton to bear witness at a chicken slaughterhouse. During the four hour vigil, which was organized by The Save Movement and Direct Action Everywhere, slaughterhouse workers brought the activists five chickens as a peace offering. A total of nine animals were saved during the course of the day.

The Save Movement is a worldwide network of Save groups bearing witness to farmed animals and promoting veganism and love-based, grassroots activism.  Two local chapters of the Save Movement, Bay Area Animal Save and Stockton Animal Save, stage monthly vigils at the Stockton Poultry Market.

Over 500 activists bear witness at a slaughterhouse in Stockton, California (photos: Bay Area Animal Save)

The Save Movement aims to set up vigils at every slaughterhouse and now has over 415 groups in 50 countries worldwide.

Activists participate in slaughterhouse vigil during 2018 Animal Liberation Conference. (Bay Area Animal Save)


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