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Anti-Fur Activists Disrupt Fashion Designer Michael Kors at NYC’s Met Museum

June 22, 2017 by Leave a Comment

The News

Animal rights activists have pleaded with fashion designer Michael Kors to stop using – and promoting – fur. But, on June 21st, they stopped asking nicely. As Kors delivered remarks to a packed theater in NYC’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, over 20 animal rights activists occupied the stage and the balcony while chanting and playing the sounds of animals being killed for fur.  After several minutes, event organizers escorted Kors out of the theater, shutting down the event for approximately ten minutes.

Over 20 activists disrupted Michael Kors during his talk at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (photo on right: AFP Photo)

“If Michael Kors wants to profit off of animals who are skinned alive, anally electrocuted, gassed or captured in painful steel leg hold traps, then he is going to have to face a new reality – never knowing for certain when we will disrupt his public appearances or retail stores,” said Rob Banks, an organizer of the protest.

In spite of protests, Michael Kors continues to design with real animal fur.

During Fashion Week (Feb, 2017), PETA staged a provocative protest at Michael Kors’ flagship store in Manhattan. During the protest, an animal rights activist wearing a giant Michael Kors mask and long black grim reaper coat dragged “bloody” fur coats and “exotic skins” to draw public attention to Kors’ continued use of animal skins.

PETA stages anti-fur protest at Michael Kors’ flagship store in NYC

The activists who participated in the disruption say they plan to continue targeting Michael Kors until he stops designing with real fur.

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  1. E.goodman says:

    These designers think they are great artists! What a joke. They’re murderers. Same for all the shallow, mindless celebrities like rihannah, kardashians, Gaga, …and that arrogant bitch Anna Wintour, of vogue. And designers like that oaf, Dennis basso…sells faux fur on qvc, but the real thing outside. These vain, overpaid celebrities, and athletes, who think fur is “bling” should be publicly shamed. They’re disgusting..

  2. Louise Buhler says:

    Michael kors is a disgusting human being, if he wants to sell fur perhaps he should try being tortured and skinned alive. We need to spread the word not to buy this evil tortuous creatures designs. There is no need for real fur, there are other ethical options.

  3. soee says:

    we people who love animals and are their voices, NEED YOU TO JOIN in and stop the use, abuse, and eating of animals, fish, and birds. ASAP, it is year 2017 ! Let’s all get civilized and end cruelty and wars by all going VEGAN …

  4. Jo Ann says:

    Good job and Well done! Out with this Kors Guy, boycott him

  5. Linda says:

    I will never wear Michael Kors, because I do not buy animal torture and animal murder.

  6. Ivan says:

    But shave off the fur and call it leather and that’s perfectly fine. Also PETA euthanizes many more animals per year than Kors uses in his clothing. Educate yourself on the real truth before cheering on these fools.

    1. Donny Moss says:

      Who says leather is “perfectly fine?” Do you think that the people protesting fur actually wear skin? Are people who are trying to stop animals from being skinned alive, anally electrocuted and caught in steel traps “fools?”

    2. Animals Deserve Respect says:

      Euthanizing an animal is humane. What the fur trade does is inhumane. Also, people who condone cruelty ALWAYS counter-argue, it’s a way of making themselves feel okay about their own cruelty. Shame on you!

  7. Angela Grammatico says:

    No michael Korrs !!!

  8. Angela Grammatico says:

    Never buy any Michael Kors anything he is a cruel person to allow all these animals to suffer this way

  9. Dawn says:

    Am so proud of you all. Laughing crying at same time. The horror of it all.

  10. Laurie Powell says:

    Thank you, activists! You are heroes!

  11. Thank you Activists for standing up to such cruelty!

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