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Anti-Fur Activists Disrupt Canada Goose Retailer

February 27, 2017 by Leave a Comment

The News

In an effort to call attention to the plight of the coyotes trapped and killed to decorate Canada Goose coats, animal rights activists staged a protest inside of the Canada Goose department at Paragon Sporting Goods in NYC.

Paragon Sports customers watch in disbelief as animal rights activists protest the sale of Canada Goose

After being expelled from the store, activists protested on the sidewalk for two hours, educating pedestrians about the cruelty of fur and encouraging people wearing Canada Goose coats to unzip the coyote trim and send it an animal sanctuary that uses discarded fur to make blankets for orphaned animals.

Activists protest and distribute anti-fur pamphlets at fur retailer Paragon sports

In addition to the trapping and killing of coyotes, activists protested the company’s use of goose feather stuffing in their coats.

Workers yank the feathers out of the bodies of geese for clothing and bedding (photo: PETA)

In NYC, Canada Goose coats, which bear an unmistakable red shoulder patch, have become a uniform for people who can afford them. “People wear Canada Goose because it’s a status symbol, not because they need a coat designed for Arctic weather extremes, which is how the company markets it,” said Jessica Hollander, a NY-based activist who has engaged with hundreds of people wearing Canada Goose coats. “Some people seem genuinely upset when I describe the cruelty, but most ignore me. After all, ignorance is bliss.”

Customers in the New York City vegan restaurant By Chloe wear Canada Goose coats with dog fur trim

In November 2016, activists in NYC launched a grass roots campaign targeting Canada Goose when the company opened a retail store in Soho. Dozens of protests in front of the store have triggered outrage among Soho residents, who are angry not only about the noise but also the presence of graphic anti-Canada Goose posters that have been plastered in their neighborhood.

In recent months, mainstream media began reporting on the Canada Goose protests and the controversy surrounding their coats. The most thorough and balanced article to date was published on February 23rd in The Villager.

Anti-Canada Goose posters have been plastered around New York City


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  1. Val Kerry says:

    All Cruelty to animals is evil & barbaric? In this Day & age It should be stopped ? All Animals feel Pain & suffering & get Depressed just as we all do! So WHY is it forced on Animals . With Fur , Feathers, Experements,& many more cruel ways & sports . That many Animals have to go through every day of their little lives

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