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Anti-Fur Activists Disrupt Rihanna in NYC

September 1, 2015 by Leave a Comment

The News

As Rihanna promoted her new fragrance at a Brooklyn Macy’s on Monday afternoon, anti-fur activists staged a disruption near the musician, holding up posters and chanting, “Shame on Rihanna. Fifty dead animals; one fur coat.”

Rob Banks, one of the five activists who participated in the disruption, was swarmed by security guards as he approached the stage with his poster. All of the activists continued to chant and display their posters as they were expelled from the store.

NYC anti-fur activists disrupt Rihanna at Macy's in Brooklyn, NYC

NYC anti-fur activists Rob, Jaime, Michelle, Angela and MaCa disrupt Rihanna at Macy’s.

Anti-fur disruption at Rihanna's fragrance promotional event in NYC.

Anti-fur disruption at Rihanna’s fragrance promotional event in NYC.

Rihanna’s fur consumption has been the subject of several news stories in recent years. In May 2015, she wore a dress with fur trim the size of small swimming pool to the annual costume gala at NYC’s Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

Rihanna in fur

Rihanna wears fur dress to the costume gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

In December, 2013, the celebrity news website TMZ posted a story in which its president, Harvey Levin, attempts to educate his unsympathetic staff to the plight of animals killed for fur: “It is pure torture — skinning them alive to put a coat on your back when you can have a different kind of coat. It’s barbaric. How can anyone defend torture?”

Rihanna has been photographed wearing dozens of fur garments.

Rihanna has been photographed wearing dozens of fur garments.

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  1. Canada Goose says:

    I love Rihanna even more now. She has great style!

  2. diana shawley says:

    1. the word “whore” is no longer a word people use to describe women.. unless you’re a misogynist.
    2. at what point did her race become relevant?
    3. learn to love despite differences.

  3. Deanna Jolly says:

    Your an idiot Rihanna, wearing furs is no longer a necessary thing to do. This is not the ice age. We are not cave people without clothing. This is infuriating…I’m done with her.

    1. diana shawley says:

      learn the correct form of “you’re” before commenting on someone else’s behavior.

      1. ACH369 says:

        Spelling and punctuation have absolutely nothing to do with making comments…she is right in the comment she made…you should be more upset with people wearing fur…

  4. Terry Powell says:


  5. Terry Powell says:


    1. Tammy Hernandez says:

      I hope your white ass dies or commits suicide! I hate white people with a passion!

  6. Eve says:

    SICKO FURKIN-BITCH RIHANNA NEEDS A TASTE OF HER OWN MEDICINE…MAYBE SHE NEEDS A BEATING, ELECTROCUTING, STARVING, CUT SLICED AND DICED INTO SUFFOCATING AND STOMPED ON…OOPS YEP, SHE’S ALREADY HAD A BEATING, SEEMS LIKE THAT DIDN’T GET THROUGH TO HER PATHETIC SOUL…OOPS THERE IT IS AGAIN,..”SHE DOESN’T HAVE A SOUL…!!!! I WILL NEVER SUPPORT THIS SADISTIC BITCH ANYMORE WATCH ME TRASH HER MUSIC….well most of it is written for her anyhow she is a cheap slag with NO talent not even a musician let alone a song writer, who’s rich daddy has given her a ticket in the music lottery. She makes me sick and to ask and pay the scumbags of the earth the evil fks to take pleasure in extremities in killing the animals just for her OMG she is a piece of shit. I hate her.

  7. Peter Kotasek says:

    Stop supporting this cruel and evil industry. She knows where all that fur comes from, she just doesn’t care. She’s trying to make it cool, like when celebrities smoke cigarettes on film. Rhianna should visit a fur farm and watch the whole process. Even get in there and work for a day making her own coat. Don’t be a fur hag Rhianna.

    1. ACH369 says:

      I don’t think working in a fur farm would change her in the slightest…she already knows how her furs come to be, she just doesn’t give a s**t…pathetic…

  8. Heather Dean says:

    How would she like to be skinned alive? There are some sick fucks out there who would probably get off on that like she seems to get off on wearing those innocent animals.

  9. Rashel grima says:

    Bitch women

  10. Terry Russo says:

    It’s very upsetting to me that a whole generation of young women are being taught that their worth as a human being is connected to how many expensive things they can adorn themselves with. It’s bad enough to be shallow and self-centered, and not care about others who are not as fortunate, but when it involves torturing and killing innocent animals just so that you can wear a status symbol, that crosses the line into a worse evil.

    1. Perry Bennett says:

      Good comment Terry. Considered and damning. And to Rhianna, you look ridiculous.

  11. Florence Gonzales says:

    Why is She wearing fur? In this day and sge, if you must wear furs, there are plenty of synthetic materials out there! With all the money these Stars and Artists have, there is no need to wear real fur!
    Why just not wear any?!

    1. Heather Dean says:


  12. Ali Makooie says:

    Unfortunately, some disconnected people keep buying fur products … Regrettably, as a Canadian, I must say Canada Goose is one of the biggest contributors to criminally killing these beautiful creatures ….

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