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Hundreds to Protest Japan’s Slaughter in the Water at Embassy

September 28, 2014 by Leave a Comment

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Thanks to The Cove and Blackfish, documentary films that expose the atrocities committed against wild and captive dolphins and whales, the public is rising up and fighting back against the worst offenders — Japan and Denmark. One protest at the Japanese embassy in England is six weeks away (Nov 7th at noon), and 277 people have already signed up to participate.  If you have any friends in or near London, please share this information.

In Taiji, Japan, thousands of dolphins are herded into the infamous “cove” each year and are either slaughtered for food or kidnapped for aquariums or swim with dolphin concessions. During each roundup, families are torn apart, and the besieged dolphins are tormented and held in nets with no food as their captors determine their fate.

In The Faroe Islands in Denmark, 1,000 gentle and intelligent pilot whales are driven into the shore each year and mercilessly butchered for meat in an annual ritual called “The Grind.”

In both Japan and Denmark, the government not only sanctions the brutality but also justifies these for-profit atrocities under the guise of tradition.

The Cove and Blackfish demonstrate the tremendous impact of documentation in general and undercover video in particular. These films, coupled with the direct action of Sea Shepherd and grass roots protests around the world, will assuredly lead to the demise of Japan and Denmark’s slaughter in the water. Following are the trailers:



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  1. Zizi says:

    Japan and Denmark (the country that also supports/condones/endorses “animal brothels”) have become known for their defiance of international maritime laws, with the killing of whales and the hideous slaughter of dolphins in Taji and the Faroe Islands. Shame on Japan! Shame on Denmark! The greed and indifference to the life of these intelligent sea mammals puts Japan and Denmark among the lowest of the low rogue nations! Boycott Japanese products! Let their auto and electronic corporations know that you will not support them!
    Boycott Danish products (ham, cheese etc) and tourism as well, to both countries.

  2. Bill says:

    I highly recommend the film The Cove. It’s very interesting and was eye opening to me. It made me look at swimming with dolphins and aquariums in a different way.

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