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The Onion Uses Humor to Debunk “Humane Slaughter”

September 8, 2014 by Leave a Comment


The Onion, a newspaper that publishes satire, irreverently and effectively debunks the “humane slaughter” myth in an article entitled “We Raise All Our Beef Humanely On Open Pasture And Then We Hang Them Upside Down and Slash Their Throats.” The article contains many graphic zingers that expose the extreme cruelty inherent in modern-day slaughter. Example:

“When we shackle a chain to a hind leg of each of our cows and hoist its terrified, quivering frame 12 feet up to the rafters, we can see firsthand just how tender, meaty, and well-marbled its entire body is—and that means exceptional flavor for you and your family!”

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Some might find the use of humor in an article about death to be tasteless, but perhaps this unconventional approach will reach open-minded meat eaters who haven’t given any thought to what actually happens to animals in slaughterhouses. Please read the article and share it on social media.

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  1. Animalover says:

    Bravo Onion, for taking this on! And with Whole Foods trying to add bunny flesh to their hideous meat market offerings, all I can say is: Disgusted!!! Have been spending huge sums of my hard earned money at Whole Foods…Things are about to change, now that other venues are available! Adding more cruelty to the variety of already hideous offerings of animal flesh at Whole Foods will not win any new or more devoted clients. It’s time to evolve and start turning toward more vegan offerings with so many cruelty free options now available. It’s good for our souls and bodies, for the animals and the planet!

  2. Shelley says:

    Whatever works…works.

  3. Todd says:

    The Onion is normally hysterical, but this is a very serious topic. It will definitely help reach people who wouldn’t ordinarily think about this.

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