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See How Onlookers React To Veggie Pride Parade in NYC

April 4, 2017 by Leave a Comment

The News

On April 2nd, hundreds of New Yorkers gathered in the Meatpacking District, of all places, for the start of the 10th Annual Veggie Pride Parade. “We made it ten years; I don’t know how!” joked Pamela Rice, who produces the parade and post-parade exposition in Union Square.

Pamela Rice, organizer of Veggie Pride Parade

While some onlookers laughed condescendingly at the participants, the vast majority laughed with them, remarking on the creative fruit and vegetable costumes and good energy that filled the streets of Greenwich Village. TheirTurn spoke to many people along the parade route to get their reaction:

Several people told us that they would read the pamphlets and consider making changes to their diets, but we suspect that’s not the case for the man caught on camera saying, “Bro. I guarantee this was commissioned by Monsanto.”

A giant pea pod asks onlookers to “Give Peas a Chance.”

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  1. Seth says:

    I’m sorry, but I’ve found that by and large, Vegans tend to be the most self-absorbed, egotistical, insufferable assholes on the planet. Eat a fucking steak and gain some humanity back.

    1. Eric Brooks says:

      Seth, let’s take a look at this. You just suggested that people should be less humane, in order to get their humanity back..

      Got contradiction?

    2. Fran Savarick says:

      Let me get this straight you are not vegan for unenvironmental reasons , unethical reasons or unhealthy reasons ?
      Ethical vegans are the most unselfish people I know

  2. sharon says:

    heartening… ‘i think, therefore i am vegan’

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