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Caught on Video: Pedestrian Goes Ballistic on Activists During Foie Gras Protest

January 20, 2015 by Leave a Comment

The News

Tensions are running high in California, where a judge recently ruled that foie gras – “torture in a tin” – can once again be sold in restaurants and stores after being outlawed in 2012. Activists have not taken the bad news sitting down and are staging protests at restaurants across the state.

In San Francisco, a pedestrian claiming to be a vegetarian launched a vicious attack on activists protesting outside a restaurant called 4505 Burgers & BBQ. Thankfully, demonstrators caught the outburst on camera. A reader from San Francisco contacted TheirTurn to say that the woman’s name is Monique, but he did not provide a last name.

Shani Campbell, the organizer of the protest, said “We found it odd that the woman who verbally and physically assaulted us was more angry about a peaceful protest than the restaurant serving the remains of animals who lived unimaginably miserable lives.

foie gras counter protest

Woman attacks peaceful foie gras protesters in San Francisco

“People invoke ‘freedom of choice’ when defending what they eat, but, when your choice means someone else’s immense suffering and death, it’s no longer about ‘your freedom.’ Rather, it’s about the lack of freedom and rights of the ones you are oppressing.”

"No. Not again."

“Foie Gras: Delicacy of Despair”

Your Turn

Please contact 4505 Burgers & BBQ via email, FacebookTwitter and/or phone (415-231-6993) to let them know what you think of their decision to put the “delicacy of despair” back on the menu.

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