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Burberry: Unaware or Willfully Blind?

September 16, 2014 by Leave a Comment

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In a statement to Vogue denying that it buys rabbit fur from the factory farms exposed in a new undercover video, fashion giant Burberry says it “will not use fur if there is concern that its production has involved the unacceptable treatment of animals.” Intense confinement and anal electrocution are standard practices in the fur industry. Is either “acceptable” to Burberry?

Burberry fur


To make matters worse, Burberry’s use of the phrase “all natural” in defending its use of fur, but “natural” fur is exactly what we are trying to eliminate! Did Burberry think the word “natural” would appease its critics who are advocating for fake fur?

Burberry executives and other fashion houses that use fur are either unaware of the atrocities or are turning a blind eye for the sake of profits. It’s no wonder activists have to jump onto the runway during fashion shows to get their attention.

Your Turn

Please visit to take action on behalf of fur bearing animals.

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Video: Top Fashion Designers Revealed as Customers of House of Horrors

September 11, 2014 by Leave a Comment

The News

Marc Jacobs, Diane von Furstenberg and Giorgio Armani have refused to comment after being revealed, along with many other world-renowned fashion designers, as customers of fur farmers who were caught on video torturing rabbits.

Last Chance For Animals and Animal Equality, which conducted a two year undercover investigation of 70 rabbit fur farms in Spain, chose fashion week to release both the names of the customers and the outrageous footage taken during their investigation.

Your Turn

Advocates for animals employ many different approaches to ending the horrific fur trade. Some lobby lawmakers to ban the sale of fur; others work to educate or shame fur consumers, designers, retailers; and a small number break into fur farms and liberate animals in the dark of night, at times permanently shutting down the operation.

Regardless of strategy, what we share in common is outrage that millions of helpless animals are intensely confined, abused, neglected and deprived for their entire lives before being executed and skinned – all for the purpose for vanity.

Please visit to take action and be a voice for these animals.

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