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After Much Debate, Denmark to Ban Bestiality

October 13, 2014 by Leave a Comment

The News

In response to an onslaught of negative press, Denmark is outlawing bestiality on the grounds that animals cannot consent to sex. Denmark is the last European country where sex with animals is legal, which explains why busloads of tourists from other countries travel there to engage in legal bestiality.

Animal rights activists have been lobbying for a ban for years, but authorities resisted due to fears that it could drive the worst offenders underground. Lawmakers also rejected the idea in the past because Denmark’s ethics advisory body said that a crime is not committed if the animal isn’t injured. That argument, however, was diminished by evidence of atrocities against animals used in the sex trade.


The 2014 documentary Animal F*ckers, which chronicles the efforts of animal rights activists to ban sex with animals, presented a nuanced view of the practice, informing viewers that zoophilia (attraction to animals) is, for some, a sexual orientation, not a fetish, and that “zoophiles” love and care for their animal companions.

In the film, Oliver Burdinski, a German man who speaks openly about his sexual relationship with his dog, says, “When I was 14 or 15, I wasn’t sure if it was right, so I tried to get human partners. But I was not happy with them. I tried to be normal. In 1994, I got internet and realized that I’m not alone.”

Oliver Burdinski says his huskie decides when they have sex.

Oliver Burdinski says his Siberian Husky decides when they have sex. (photo:


If Denmark outlaws bestiality on the grounds that the animals cannot consent, then will lawmakers take a closer look at other circumstances in which animals are exploited without their consent? Gestation crates on factory farms have been banned in other European countries, yet they’re still legal in Denmark. What pig would willingly reside in an indoor crate that is so small that she can’t turn around or lie down?

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  1. Your disgusting says:

    You must be one of them…

  2. Alissa says:

    Need to clean the real sickness of the society, those who would hurt a innocent Beings in the most horrible way. shoot them and don’t give them rights/protection, i believe at one point you can lose your humanity, so lose the human rights.

  3. Brad Stallion's Sheep says:

    I happen to like to eat animals that have sadly been slaughtered, chopped up, and half-burnt. If someone else just wants to make love with them, then let them, especially if it is a woman who lets the animal mount her and do its thing. (Trying not to be too graphic over here.) At least it is not pedophilia. Anything that is not pedophilia cannot be too bad.

  4. Axyz says:

    Unfortunately, “animal rights activists” (in quotes) too often don’t do any research before they decide to do a campaign for or against something.

    For example here is a petition to “Presinted of Germany”, “Joachim Gkaouk”:
    There is a lot wrong with this petition. From the misspellings over the picture of the dog that has no verifiable backstory about any connection to any sexual act, to the initiator being too lazy to read to the alleged “animal brothels” (I have yet to see anyone investigate an actual animal brothel), … If you research all this stuff, it’s amazing. Yet, people keep signing and sharing this petition.

    Now back to this article here.
    It speaks about how “busloads of tourists from other countries travel there to engage in legal bestiality.”
    Please, can anyone find any source that actually investigated this alleged tourism? Or can you only point to online “journalism” that passes this meme around without anyone saying how they know this?

    The documentary wasn’t really that nuanced. What was nuanced was the report of the animal ethics that was tasked by the department of justice to investigate the issue and make a recommendation. Here is their report:
    Question: Has any of the “animal rights activists” who have been “lobbying for a ban for years”
    * read this report
    * made a conclusive statement about its content (i.e. not simply dismissed it)

    From what I have seen, nobody bothers to do that. Apparently it’s easier to pretend it doesn’t exist and just make the usual assertions because nobody questions them anyway, because nobody wants to be labeled as an “animal fucker” or as someone who supports “animal fuckers”. But if you think about it, it’s amazing that people can do that. After all, this is not something a nobody has done, this is something that was created on the initiative of the department of justice.

    Bonus article that nobody has read or bothers to comment on:

  5. Donna says:

    Bullet to the head.

  6. Katia Lamanna says:

    This is some kind of twisted SICK! Come on Denmark enough- bestiality is a crime against animals.

  7. Luke Thomas says:

    Bestiality can also spread zoonotic diseases like Ebola. Please sign/share this

  8. Shirley says:

    It’s insane that this was legal in Denmark before. I’m glad they finally woke up!

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