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Cockfighters Attack SHARK Investigators, Sending Them to the Hospital with Severe Injuries

January 3, 2021 by Leave a Comment

The News

On Sunday morning, January 3rd, two investigators from the animal rights group SHARK (Showing Animals Respect and Kindness) investigated a suspected illegal cockfighting operation in rural Lawrence County, OH. They were quickly able to confirm that the location was an active cockfighting pit.

Undercover investigators with the animal rights group SHARK identified an illegal cockfighting operation in Ohio

Soon after they arrived, SHARK President Steve Hindi was violently attacked, suffering multiple head and chest injuries. Another SHARK investigator, who was in a vehicle, was chased by cockfighters who hit his car multiple times and drove him off the road and into a ditch. He survived the attack.

Steve Hindi, founder of the animal rights group SHARK, was attacked by cockfighters on January 3rd, 2020

“These are serious crimes, and SHARK will be aggressively pursuing justice against these violent and disgusting cockfighters,” said SHARK investigator Stu Chaifetz. “We will have much more about this in the near future, but the cockfighters need to know that SHARK will never stop exposing them and their vile cruelty.”

Cockfighters in Ohio ran a SHARK investigator off the road, assaulted him and stole his video equipment

SHARK uses high tech video equipment to document many blood sports, including rodeos, pigeon shoots and cockfighting. During cockfights, which are illegal in all 50 states, roosters who are trained to kill fight each other wearing sharp blades on their legs.

In recent years, SHARK has used drones to film cockfights and farmers who are suspected of breeding roosters for cockfights. In 2019, the group announced a nationwide campaign called Crush Cockfighting to increase exposure of the bloodsport and to draw attention to the law enforcement officials who enable the illegal events.

Please call or write today to report suspected cockfighting operations. You can remain anonymous. or 630-385-0244.

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  1. Pedro says:

    This still exists? Where do I sign up to bet?

  2. Guys I am a cockfighter, I attend fights as often as they are held. I do believe that what happened here with Shark getting their ass whipped is to become a much more usual practice. I would think that it is also possible that cockers, because of the way the people are being treated, will start hunting the animal rights activist who are persecuting the cockers. I think that what we have seen in Ohio is the first real shot to be heard around the world. Enough is enough. jimdem

    A free man does not have to ask permission…..jimdemoruelle

  3. Jeff says:

    Good people? The proof is in the brutal attacks on anyone seeking to shine a light. The proof is in being able to find no better hobby than forcing small helpless animals to claw and hack each other to death. It’s a sick second hand violent thrill. Real men and women *choose* to risk their lives racing cars on tracks. Real men and women put their own skin and blood on the line – they don’t force helpless birds who are as smart as dogs and cats do it for them. That’s honestly gutless. You like a good fight so much? Do it with others who *choose* the same. There is no sport in forcing a terrified bird or dog or you name it to fight.

    For people who say this is an old tradition: how many unbelievably cruel things did people here in Europe, all around the world used to do for sport? A tradition can be evil. If the standard is what some people did to other human beings and other animals hundreds of years ago there would never be progress. We would allow the maximum torture and pain and fear and cruelty imaginable as long as some people got a kick out of it or made down money betting on it. Some of the founding fathers named as supposedly honorable examples owned human beings for chrissakes! There is an enormous amount to admire and appreciate about founding leaders two hundred and fifty years ago. But owning people is not one – and nor is forcing terrified animals to fight. You know and I know none of these guys you cite would be doing the same shit today.

    Care about killings and kidnappings and human trafficking and child abuse and the rest of the evil in the world? You bet – we care about that, too. The commonality is cruelty, terror, pain, suffering, and *no choice* among innocents involved in whether they want any part this sick abuse.
    Are we supposed to believe people who break the law forcing birds to kill each other for sport are out there tirelessly trying to stop other serious crimes the rest of the time? The truth is, if you’re involved in a violent, illegal activity and gambling money is involved, criminal elements and other serious crimes are not far away.

    I have family roots in S. Ohio and E. Kentucky and I get the “leave me alone, don’t tell me what to do, mind your own business” mentality. It’s admirable, up to a line. That line is when you’re forcibly hurting innocents and not only breaking the law to do so, but brutally attacking people who expose it. Growing weed? I don’t care. Not my business unless you’d like to share. Torturing animals and making them fight to death, hurting kids, old folks, disabled, any vulnerable living creatures? I do care and am not going to stop caring. The commonality is harming and abusing helpless, confined innocents and living creatures.
    I’m sure there are some good people who grew with this stuff and it’s part of the landscape to them. But they’re involved in the wrong business. Why not bet on a sport with two willing human combatants?

  4. Not emotionally-detached says:

    I just set up a $5/month subscription with SHARK. The more funds SHARK get, the better they are equipped to expose animal cruelty and police corruption.

    Arguing with cruel, emotionally-detached (also reality-detached) people on the internet doesn’t help SHARK much. But subscriptions and small donations give them the resources they need.

    Society rejects cruelty to animals. Bye!

  5. Cock fighters are the best ppl you will ever meet … it’s been around longer then anything .. why won’t guys leave us alone and go after killers and ppl hurting baby’s

  6. Pat Cuviello says:

    Cockfighters are cowards, that’s why they try to hide what they do.

  7. RandomDude says:

    These cockfighters argue that cockfighting is a natural event. What’s so natural about bringing hundreds of live birds into a purpose built structure, and a few hours later, carrying out hundreds of dead/injured birds? What’s so natural about putting them into a ring where they can’t get away from the fight? What’s so natural about putting metal claws on the birds? These people are sick – they get pleasure out of animal cruelty and suffering, and they indoctrinate their children into a vicious cycle of animal abuse.

    We can all show animals respect and kindness by donating to SHARK!

  8. Christine PHILLIPS says:


  9. Pattie Schmidt says:

    The bottom line here is the animals have no choice! Sure they may fight like this in nature, but not with sharp blades or a bunch of drunk people yelling at them so that they’re under tremendous stress. None of that is natural. This is cruelty, exploitation and then their reward? A horrific death! And for what? What else? Money! The reason the members of SHARK raided them is because the corrupt police didn’t do anything. In fact they’re right there probably participating! All animals deserve our respect and that includes the factory farmed animals that live extremely cruel lives only to be killed in painful inhumane ways. This vegan does not support animal abuse of any kind. Should these SHARK members have minded their business? HELL NO! If the police aren’t going to enforce the law then someone has to do it.

  10. K. Hetherington says:

    Cockfighting is an indication that the USA, has turned into a low status nation. It ain’t what it used to be- a nation to be proud of. Go ahead keep letting legal and illegal immigrants in.
    Blame the politicians, the Left and the Freemasons who put this nation into the toilet. They brought these people in.

  11. Marilyn Weaver says:

    The mental ruminations (a deep or considered thought about something) expressed in liberty-taken grammar, are amazing, troubling, despairing, illogical, and a cause for alarm of a group of humans living among us. Critical thinking MUST be taught in school to all who attend.

  12. Jeremy Mays says:

    They did get what they deserved they went on private property without permission if you can go anywhere you please let’s raid the White House that’s exactly what I thought

  13. Memo says:

    Nosey assholes never tresspass private property.

  14. Stan says:

    SHARK supporters also support ABORTION! It’s crazy when its okay to cut a live human to pieces but illegal to cut a grown ass rooster up! I dont give a fuck who u are! That’s stupid as shit!

  15. hill billy says:

    dad always told me not to go on others property without permission and to mind your own business and dont stick your nose in other peoples affairs guess these two need to learn that lol

  16. Chicken Joy says:

    you will confiscate the chicken then you kill them and you call them humane.
    Whereas at the farm they were given good food and vitamins

  17. Beth Clifton says:

    Present the evidence. This is all fantasy by the cockfighters!
    It never happened!

  18. Steve Lewis says:

    Too bad all they got was some bruises. Cockfighters bother no one. Their actions harm no individual or society at all there is no reason constitutionally for it to be illegal. Other than attached weapons (which makes the fights MORE humane not less) the fights are a natural phenomenon. the only difference between nature and organized is that the cocks are in peak health and condition..they are equipped with equal weapons and their weights must be within a couple of ounces of each other. They are given every opportunity to quit and as a matter of fact the rules are designed to allow them to quit in order to find the ones that won’t. I have taken many people to fights. Without exception their response has been, “this is nothing like I thought it would be” and with one exception they have all gone back. I haven’t fought a rooster in probably twenty years, but I have fought with and against doctors, lawyers , clergymen millionaires and paupers both men and woen. At the pit, they were all just human beings none better none worse.

  19. Jordan says:

    The sad thing is about this in any of his videos does not one thing mention how poorly treated the chicken u fat fucks eat!!! The gamecock is born yeah BORN NOT TAUGHT OR TRAINED to fight if anything the way it’s done is more humane game cocks grow there on weapons it’s called spurs. People dont realize how Gamecocks have influenced a many of young men taught them responsibility gave those young men something to spend there time and money doing instead of slinging dope theres 2 sides to every story before people can bash Gamecocks and what there BORN to do they should see the other side for example how well there taken care of, how good of a life they have,the passion that’s put into these fine animals it’s a lively hood. How about all you shark people go complain about how poorly the chicken you all EAT is treated cooped up all together, fed and given drugs to make them grow so fast and get so heavy that there legs break and there stomped to death due to the fact that theres so many in a place together, or how they never live past 6 months, or get to eat fresh green grass. The gamecock lives a nice life doing what it naturally will do %100 of the time and one of these days all these ol hillbillys will finaly take control of this lively hood and make cockfighting legal again like it should be. Doing what this idiot says is stupid so the basic of the plan is to stop cockfighting so people will no longer breed them? He trying to make them extinct lol. Some rocks is best left unturned and from the looks of it he found that out. Do people not realize that some of our founding presidents raised these Gamecocks its history it’ll never stop.

  20. Brad Burden says:

    That’s pretty funny mess with the bull you get the horn Steve is no one to talk when it comes to animal cruelty any one who shoots a fish 30 something times

  21. Phillip Vice says:

    George Washington. Thomas Jefferson Lincoln all fought chickens where’s our liberty.

  22. Ronnie dunn says:

    Lmao got what they deserved

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