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Watch a NYC Fashion Industry Recruiter React to PETA Video about Fur Production

February 9, 2020 by Leave a Comment

The News

Megan Dwier, a 30 year old fashion industry recruiter in New York City, was excited to buy her first luxury winter coat in 2015. Like the more recognizable Canada Goose brand, Megan’s Nobis coat was decorated with a fur trim. In spite of being an “animal lover,” Megan had not yet made the connection between her coat’s fur and feathers and the animals who were killed for them until she stumbled upon a fur protest in New York City.  Instead of turning a blind eye — a common response for people who don’t want to hear the truth and change their behavior — Megan agreed to watch a PETA video about the fur industry. 

While Megan has not yet replaced the coat, which contains feathers, she did remove the detachable fur trim, and she is encouraging her friends and family to do the same. “Now that I know about the suffering that is stitched into fur coats, I don’t want to wear it or glamorize it in any way. Instead, I want to use my voice to educate others to make more compassionate choices.”

Following is the PETA video about fur production that Megan watched: 

Your Turn

Please donate your unwanted fur coats, stoles and trim to PETA, which uses them for educational displays, anti-fur fashion shows, bedding for needy animals and coats for homeless people:

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