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Vegans Share Their Defining Moment

August 28, 2019 by Leave a Comment

The News

During the 2019 Animal Liberation March in New York City, animal rights activists spoke to TheirTurn about what made them go vegan.

2019 Animal Liberation March in New York City

Animal rights activists take to the streets of NYC during the 2019 Animal Liberation March

Participants in the 2019 Animal Liberation March educate the public about the connection between the destruction of the Amazon and the consumption of meat.

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  1. Deanna Bollo says:

    What an amazing transformation! What beautiful people the planet will have! I need to ask to please step up to not using terms like Vegan meat, vegan poultry, fish. Vegan is totally the opposite. Whether it is made to seem like all the animal components diet it cannot thrive associated with animal diets. The food industry will lie, distort, undermine all attempts, to clean up the world. Consider that those in the food industry are the lowest of the low in partaking of such horrible suffering. Now the new thing is lab meat made from live animals!! This means ongoing suffering
    tests, drugs, confinement. As a vegan I don’t crave animal tastes in fact it nauseates me. Let’s brand our food without mention of meat, fish, poultry, eggs etc. vegan cuisine is varied, colourful, tasty, enterprising, healthy ethical, loving compassionate. For the sake of animal life let’s drop that which constitutes disrespect for animals. Don’t accept the loss of identity of vegan cuisine! We’re eco warriors for life of everything, including this beautiful, magnificent diverse planet. Thank you Deanna Bollo

  2. Zizi says:

    There are all those reasons and hundreds more!

    Thank you Donny, for focusing on why we must confront the consumption of animals, not only for our physical, spiritual and psychological well-being, but for the sake of life on this planet and for the precious lives of billions of animals who are exploited and slaughtered each day, for the dinner plate, for clothing/fur, for “sport”, entertainment, research, and self-serving pleasure and sheer greed!

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