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The Impact of Anonymous for the Voiceless

July 14, 2018 by Leave a Comment

The News

During Direct Action Everywhere’s (DxE) 2018 Animal Liberation Conference, an estimated 500 animal rights activists took to the streets of San Francisco to participate in what was, at the time, the largest Anonymous For the Voiceless (AV) event ever.  As more than 100 video screens displayed footage of animal exploitation in six “Cubes of Truth,” dozens of advocates conducted vegan outreach with pedestrians who stopped to watch the videos.  Animal rights activists Chase Avior, Jane Velez-Mitchell and James Aspey spoke to TheirTurn about the impact of AV:

Anonymous for the Voiceless uses “standard-practice” footage of animal agriculture to expose the public to the atrocities that the industry goes to great lengths to hide, and it provides people with tools to switch to a vegan lifestyle.

Jane Velez-Mitchell of JaneUnChained reporting from the Cube of Truth in San Francisco

Since its inception in April, 2016, AV has staged over 4,000 “Cubes of Truth” in 650 cities around the world, convincing over 214,000 people to consider making the transition to veganism.

Cube of Truth in San Francisco organized by Anonymous for The Voiceless and Direct Action Everywhere during the 2018 Animal Liberation Conference.

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  1. Friend of Anon says:

    @Anonymous The group described in this article is quite a knot. They are a grassroots distributed network, but the organisation purporting to be at the centre is actually registered as a for-profit business and seemingly rakes in a ton of cash from merchandising w/o dispersing any of that to chapters, though nobody knows how much because there is zero transparency. The collective may have an interest in putting some pressure on this company to clean up their act.

  2. Anonymous says:

    We don’t really know much about these people, and they are not affiliated with the anonymous collective (yet). However, anyone can be anonymous and certainly they are doing it for the right purpose. We do however want to advise them to stop selling merchandise for profit.

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