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Investigating “Humane” Claims at a California Egg Farm (VIDEO)

January 12, 2017 by Leave a Comment


Direct Action Everywhere (DxE), an animal rights organization that has visited many “humane” animal farms to investigate their claims, invited TheirTurn to document one of their many nocturnal visits to JS West, an egg farm certified by the American Humane Association. Our visit, which was intended to be an investigation, morphed into a rescue mission.

After spending less than a minute inside of a warehouse with 150,000 egg-laying hens, my worst fears were confirmed. The “humane” label is nothing more than a marketing fraud designed by the animal agriculture industry and retailers to make consumers feel good about purchasing their products.

A hen with a growth on her on her face that is larger than her head is rescued

Your Turn

Please visit Direct Action Everywhere to learn more about how the animal agriculture industry preys on well-intended consumers by fraudulently marketing their products with language that states or suggests that their animals are treated humanely.

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  1. Claire Dugger says:

    This video is disturbing , moving and so incredibly unfortunate. I’m thankful for people like you, spreading the truth and exposing these chambers of death. I will share this video and encourage those around me to go vegan. The plateau of health and well being starts here, by ending the unnecessary killing and torture of so many animals.

  2. Donna says:

    This article is misleading. This farm is not certified by Certified Humane, which is a private organization that has strict standards to earn their label. see here:

    This farm was certified by American Humane Association (AHA). Obviously their standards are hogwash. Please do not confuse the two. Certified Humane is actually doing their job, and doing it well. I’ve been following them for years; never has a story like this come out of a Certified Humane labeled farm.

    1. Donny Moss says:

      Thank you, Donna, for the clarification. The farm is certified as humane by the American Humane Association but not by “Certified Humane,” which is an industry group that is self-policing, as described in the article below. Fox guarding the hen house?

      On “Certified Humane” egg farms, what happens to the male chicks, who obviously can’t lay eggs or be used for meat? And what happens to the hens when they can no longer lay eggs? Are “Certified Humane” farms required to provide the hens with access to the outdoors? Based on their regulations, I don’t believe it is:

  3. Loretta Drake says:

    This is why I don’t eat chickens or eggs. The only way to be sure.

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