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Carriage Drivers Paint Horses to Hide Injuries

August 15, 2014 by Leave a Comment

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Horses who pull carriages in the extreme summer heat of Antalya, Turkey, are painted with carcinogenic oil to cover up work-related injuries, such as harness rubs. The Antalya Bar Association’s animal rights council, which has filed a criminal complaint against the carriage operators, says that the 15 horses pull carriages for up to 14 hours/day before returning to “restricted spaces in poor sanitary conditions.”

DHA Photo

DHA Photo

Your Turn

When faced with criticism, horse-drawn carriage drivers assert that they have to take care of their horses because their horses earn them a living. That sounds compelling, but it’s simply not true. With an overpopulation of horses (like dogs and cats), disposing of sick and injured horses and replacing them with healthy ones is far less expensive than providing appropriate medical care in the first place. Carriage horses, like circus elephants and captive dolphins, are not companion animals; they are money-making commodities who are exploited until they can no longer turn a profit for their owners. To learn more about why horse-drawn carriages are inherently inhumane and unsafe so that you can speak out against horse-drawn carriages, please see Blinders.

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Mercy For Animals Exposes Turkey Torture on Butterball Farms

June 4, 2014 by Leave a Comment

The News

Undercover video taken by a Mercy For Animals (MFA) investigator exposes the torture of baby turkeys on Butterball factory farms. MFA has turned over this evidence to local law enforcement, which is currently considering criminal animal cruelty charges. Butterball, which is the nation’s largest turkey producer, is responsible for 20 percent of the 252 million turkeys killed each year.

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Factory farms are inherently abusive because the animals are mutilated, ground up alive, confined, torn from their mothers and stripped of the ability to do anything that comes naturally to them. Abuses that are not built into the system, such as the ones mentioned above but are pervasive nonetheless are the beatings — the “kicking and stomping on turkeys and bashing in their heads with metal pipes.” Please share this Butterball video so that people who think that eating a turkey sandwich is a benign activity are exposed to the truth.

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