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Undercover Investigation on Spanish Rabbit Farms Exposes Rampant Abuse

June 3, 2014 by Leave a Comment

The News

After investigating 70 rabbit farms and four slaughterhouses in Spain, Igualidad Animal (translated: Animal Equality) released undercover footage of workers slicing the throats of conscious rabbits; dead animals in cages with live ones; injured and sick animals being left untreated and others eating their own feces. According to Spanish media, “farmers were observed killing sick animals by hitting them over the head with iron bars, smashing their skulls against concrete floors or punching them.” Igualidad Animal has filed 72 official complaints, which, if proven, could result in heavy fines and prison sentences.

News & Opinion

As expected, Spain’s rabbit farming industry association has criticized the video and says it is “creating a new code of practice which goes ‘beyond what is required by law.'” Undercover investigations like this that expose abuse in animal factories are the most powerful tool we have to affect change, which is why industry is backing “ag gag” laws criminalizing them. Please use these videos as a tool to educate people about factory farms.

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