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Raw Footage: Activists Liberate 80 Foxes in Dead of Night

October 23, 2014 by Leave a Comment

The News

In September, animal rights activists liberated 80 foxes from their small, wire cages at a fur farm in Poland. After, they issued the following statement: “The animals have escaped a cruel death, which inevitably would have awaited them at the hands of the farmer. Take matters into your own hands!”

On fur farms, animals are held captive in small cages, where they go insane from immobility, boredom and the inability to do anything that comes naturally to them.

fur farm

Life in a wire mesh cage

And, after a life of utter misery, they are gassed, anally electrocuted or skinned alive.

Wild animals captured for fur are caught in steel leg hold traps, medieval torture devices that hold them hostage until they die or are collected by the trapper.

Steel leg hold trap

Steel leg hold trap

Given the extreme cruelty to which fur-bearing animals are subjected, it’s no wonder why activists around the world sacrifice their freedom and safety to liberate them and why so many rejoice when an animal trapper gets caught in his own trap:

Your Turn

Please sign the petition to ban fur farming in the European Union.

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