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Being Gay Might Just Save The Life of Benjy The Bull

November 14, 2014 by Leave a Comment

The News

Being gay has its advantages from time to time. And for a bull in Ireland who is sexually attracted to other bulls, it might just save his life.

Benjy is a charolais bull like this one  (photo:  Wikicommons)

Benjy is a charolais bull like this one (photo: Wikicommons)

At first, his homosexuality was a premature death sentence. Because Benjy won’t inseminate female cows, his owner decided to fatten him up and ship him off to an early slaughter. Upon reading about the gay bull in a local paper, however, the Irish animal rights group ARAN (Animal Rights Action Network) partnered with the U.K.’s biggest online gay magazine and a prominent farm animal sanctuary to raise money to buy him and pay for his care at the sanctuary.

Putting Benjy in the the spotlight has been a strategy to not only save his life but also direct peoples’ attention to the plight of “food” animals in factory farms and slaughterhouses. Benjy, ARAN says, would be a great ambassador for all farm animals.


Your Turn

John Carmody, the founder of ARAN, is “urging members of the public to step in and help save Benjy so that this little fellow live out his natural life in peace.” Please consider making a donation.

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  1. Lucy McNamee says:

    petition link to raise money – £3000 of the 5000 needed raised so far.

  2. Tina Backe says:

    Let Benji and all other animals live. no need to eat meat, on the contrary it`s cruel and unhealthy

  3. Lisa Scharin says:

    I don’t see a petition here to sign to save him! So maybe he just isn’t attracted to the cows around him? Regardless, he IS valuable as a feeling, sentient being and deserves to LIVE like ALL of us!!!
    He does NOT have to “perform” on command and would YOU be able to Donny Moss if forced into “it” and watched? Sometimes humans are just plain creepy! To make animals reproduce for their own profit, greed and control-SICK!!! PERIOD!!! Let this poor bull live and ALL the others too! GO VEGAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Donny Moss says:

      There is no petition. The activists are simply raising money to buy the bull from his owner who would otherwise fatten him up and send him to a premature slaughter.

  4. Nancy says:

    Aren’t they assuming he is gay? Does he show a preference to others of his sex. Maybe he is just chooses not to have any sexual congress.

    1. Donny Moss says:

      He has demonstrated that he’s homosexual, but what’s really relevant here is that, regardless of his sexual orientation, he’s not inseminating females, which is his “job.”

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