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PETA Suing to Release Lone Orca Lolita

July 2, 2014 by Leave a Comment

The News

In an ongoing attempt to free Lolita, a killer whale who was kidnapped from the Pugent Sound 44 years, PETA is appealing a lawsuit it lost that challenged the USDA’s automatic renewal of Miami Seaquarium’s Animal Welfare Act license, which allows it to exhibit Lolita.  PETA claims that the Seaquarium is in violation of at least three of the act’s regulations. The group says Lolita is kept in a tank that is smaller than the minimum size required and has no orca companion or shelter from the sun.

Photo credit: Ross Cobb

Photo credit: Ross Cobb

News & Opinion

Kidnapping an intelligent orca from her home and holding her captive for over 40 years in a small tank is unspeakably cruel.  And the fact that she is alone makes it even worse.  She must be extraordinarily stressed, frustrated, depressed and lonely.  This case is truly heart-breaking.  Kudos to PETA for attempting to free Lolita and release her into a coastal sanctuary that is ready to take her.  Please use this link to submit a letter to the owner of the Seaquarium.

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