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Using Misinformation, Working Families Party Pushes To Keep Horse-Drawn Carriages in NYC

August 12, 2014 by Leave a Comment

The News

In a letter to NYC Council Members, the Working Families Party (WPF) has taken sides in the heated battle between opponents and supporters of NYC’s infamous horse-drawn carriage trade: “We stand in solidarity with horse carriage workers who play a pivotal role in generating millions of dollars in revenue as one of the top three tourist attractions in the city.”  NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio continues to support a ban on horse-drawn carriages for humane and safety reasons, but he has not yet taken any steps to do so since taking office in January.

News & Opinion

First of all, horse-drawn carriages are not “one of the top three tourist attractions” in the city. Not even close. Is the Working Families Party familiar with Broadway, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Lincoln Center, the Statue of Liberty, the Highline, the Empire State Building and the 911 Memorial — all of which attract far more tourists than the rickety horse-drawn carriages on 59th St? That is the first of many inaccuracies about the horse-drawn carriage trade in their uninformed letter to the City Council. The WFP members who are advocating to keep horse-drawn carriages in NYC, which doesn’t even have a pasture, will one day come to the realization that they are on the wrong side of history. In the meantime, someone should inform them that horses are not inanimate objects, as suggested in their letter: it is “horses WHO are an important part…” not horses THAT are an important part…” If you or anyone else still questions the rationale for banning horse-drawn carriages from Manhattan, please see the award-winning documentary film BLINDERS.


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  1. Irene Friedland says:

    I wonder if the Working Families Party is sticking with this position as the vote approaches. I have been a supporter of their policies in general over the past few years, but will withdraw support and make it clear to them exactly why if they have not.
    Thanks to anyone who has more information.

    1. Diane says:

      In this day & age it is morally reprehensible to continue the enslavement of horses for dangerous JOYRIDES in a horribly congested city. All the excuses in the book should not be aloud for continuing the cruelty. The incentives offered the drivers are ample and would be WELCOMED by any other person seeking employment. The real issue should be why is NYC not taking a stand against this archaic trade in light of the fact the rest of the world is evolving in Animal Welfare. Mumbai banned carriage horses. Why? Because they consider it to be animal cruelty. Other big cities are processing this same issue. Why? Because people are taking a stand for animals. Zero tolerance of all forms of cruelty is needed to protect all animals. It’s all totally linked. We’re all part of the ecological system. We humans have done irreparable damage to the earth. We have killed off 52% of animals in the past 30 yrs. This is not a cliche statement. When does it stop? Where does it stop? It stops in each and every city & town around the world. Why should NYC lead or get in line? Supposedly, they have worldly views. Trying to be in the forefront of all things new & innovative. Why are they not taking a stand against this cruel practice? Why are they letting a few drivers guilt them into continuing a trade which should have ended long ago. Put politics aside for the sake of the horses. Get the horse carriages out of NYC once and for all. Break the chains.

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