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An Update on Ag Gag

July 30, 2014 by Leave a Comment

The News

Half of U.S. states have attempted to pass “ag-gag” laws, but only seven have been successful, according to the Associated Press:  “Among them are Idaho, where this year’s law says unauthorized recording is punishable by up to a year in jail and a $5,000 fine, and Utah, whose 2012 law makes it a crime to provide false information to gain access to a farm. Both states now face separate but similarly worded lawsuits that say the measures violate federal statutes offering whistleblower protections and free-speech guarantees.”


Your Turn

Not surprisingly, agribusiness claims to have nothing to hide and states it lobbies for “ag gag” laws merely to “protect their families and businesses,” but we know the truth: they don’t want the public to see what happens to animals on factory farms.  The windowless sheds that are far from public view are a case in point.  Agribusiness also claims that the footage taken by undercover investigators represents “a few bad apples” in the business.  But we know otherwise. Mutilation of farm animals, such as tail docking and debeaking, is literally built into the business, and egregious physical abuse and torture are rampant, as exposed in one undercover investigation after another by groups such as Mercy For Animals, PETA and HSUS.   Please support the work of the organizations fighting against the “ag gag” bills.  The footage and photos taken behind closed doors at factory farms is critical to changing hearts and minds.  It was precisely that type of footage that made me go vegan.   To learn more about “ag gag” bills and to see how you can help, please visit HSUS.

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