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In Spite of Lawsuit Aimed at Silencing Activists, Horse-Drawn Carriage Protests Continue

April 21, 2017 by Leave a Comment

The News

In response to a lawsuit filed by the horse-drawn carriage industry to silence the opposition in NYC, animal rights activists staged a protest wearing symbolic tape over their mouths to demonstrate that, even if silenced, they can convince tourists to abstain from taking “cruel and dangerous” horse-drawn carriage rides in midtown Manhattan.

The silent protest, which replaced chants with images, garnered so much attention from pedestrians that NYCLASS said it intends to its incorporate the tactic into future actions. That said, the organization will not be silenced, according to Jill Carnegie, NYCLASS’ director of campaigns: “We believe in the First Amendment – and that means we have the right to educate everyone about the cruelties of the reckless carriage horse industry. We won’t stop until they are removed from dangerous city streets.”

Animal rights activists in NYC stage a symbolic silent protest after being sued by the horse-drawn carriage industry

In December, 2016, Central Park Sightseeing, a horse-drawn carriage company, filed the lawsuit against NYCLASS and several individual activists in which it sought – and won – an injunction to limit first amendment expression in the area where tourists board the carriages. The defendants intend to appeal the injunction in order to protect their constitutional rights. ‘We cannot allow a ruling that says freedom of speech should be censored on public streets merely because carriage drivers don’t like the truth,” said Carnegie. “Speaking up and fighting for what you believe in is our duty as engaged Americans, especially at a time of upheaval and uncertainty.”

NYC’s horse-drawn carriage industry and animal rights activists in legal battle over protests

Your Turn

The NYC animal rights community did not expect to be protesting horse-drawn carriages in 2017 because, in 2013, NYC Mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio ran for office on an unmistakeable promise to ban horse-drawn carriages if elected. His “Watch me do it!” pledge has since been replaced with, “Take it up with the City Council.”

Please join NYCLASS in it effort to compel the Mayor and City Council to take horse-drawn carriages off the streets of NYC.

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  1. Lori I. says:

    Ask NYClass(the real estate developer) what they want with the stables…that’s the real question!!!
    Does Jill Carnegie, the “animal activist(real estate developer’s employee) go to the horse auctions and buy the horses slated for the slaughterhouse? Is it only the NYC horses that she seems to care about?
    What about overworked farm horses? How about the horses that are left to starve at the racetracks?
    One has to wonder why these horses are so beloved? Is it because the stables would make a nice high rise
    Wasn’t Jill a personal trainer before being hired by a real estate developer?
    Many New York residents want to keep the iconic horse and carriages…as opposed to Nislick’s(Jill Carnegie’s developer boss) electric cars that he wants the city to PURCHASE!!!

  2. Charleston, SCarolina horse (BIG JOHN) fell out in the street drawing a carriage… Humane group tried to get owner to sell him so they could retire him in a pasture. Horse is 22+ year and is so over worked… please call to ask carriage ownerr how Big John is doing.. Maybe he will be shamed to let him finish his life out in love and care.

  3. Delores Parker says:

    I sooooooooooo want to see this STOPPED.

  4. Natasha Brenner says:

    I voted for him on the basis of his promise! Day One!
    What a liar!

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