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Matthew McConaughey’s Texas Ranch Sells Canned Hunts

February 2, 2015 by Leave a Comment

The News

UPDATE (6:00 p.m., February 4) –  Matthew McConaughey’s spokesperson says that he sold his interest in the ranch in 2011, in spite of the fact that LP Ranch’s website described him as a “co-owner” and “staff” member as of February 4th, 2015. His photo was removed from the website on the day the news broke in the mainstream media. Stories about the controversy have been published in The Daily News, TMZ, The Daily Mail and many other media outlets.


Actor Matthew McConaughey, a former spokesman for the “Beef: It’s What’s For Dinner” ad campaign, co-owns a ranch that sells canned hunts. According to his company’s website, “We at LP Ranch pride ourselves with our whitetail deer hunts.”

With his brother Mike, actor Matthew McConaughey owns a cattle ranch that sells canned hunts.

With his brother Mike, actor Matthew McConaughey owns a cattle ranch that sells canned hunts.

McConaughey purchased the LP Ranch in 2001. Six years later, the ranch “decided it was time to expand” by selling canned hunts. For visitors spending the night, the ranch offers “Old West” accommodations with a “modern touch” so that “after the hunt, our guests can feel assured to eat some great meals and relax in all out comfort” (unlike the animals who they killed for fun that day).

"Relax in all out comfort" after shooting deer at Matthew McConaughey's Ranch

“Relax in all out comfort” after shooting deer at Matthew McConaughey’s Ranch

LP Ranch also sells horses who are “ready for any ranching task that may be asked of them” and cattle who they “treat in a way that will allow them to be ready for any conditions.” According to his nephew Madison who is LP’s “Cattle Manager,” McConaughey is a “big beef man” who “feels it’s important to raise Angus cattle and support the beef industry.” In fact, McConaughey was a beef industry spokesman  in 2010:

Your Turn

Canned hunts are among the cruelest forms of hunting. Not only is the other “team” unarmed and unaware that they are being targeted, but they are also confined to a fenced in area with no possible way to escape. In 2011, HSUS conducted an undercover investigation of canned hunting operations to educate the public about this outrageous “sport.”

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  1. skankee says:

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  2. Shann says:

    Get help Mathew McConaughey, you are a sick individual.

  3. Alicia says:

    This is just disgusting beyond words, killing Animals for sport…why doesn’t he use his money for good like all the other big and famous people do? people are working hard to save Animals and all he does is raise them to be killed for money? doesn’t this greedy bastard have enough?

    1. Minnie Blum says:

      After TMZ published this story, both PETA and the Houston Chronicle looked into it. Matthew McConaughey sold his interest in the ranch (which is mainly a cattle and horse breeding operation) in 2011. He was never involved in the deer hunts which are run by the ranch’s real owner Madison McConaughey, his nephew.

      The Houston Chronicle verified LP Ranch is owned by Madison McConaughey and his father Michael “Rooster” McConaughey, Matthew’s (much) older brother. The ranch is located in West Texas where both Madison and “Rooster” live. Matthew lives in Austin.

      They had put a very old photo of Matthew, wife and son on their website. Obviously, to attract clients. They also have a Bed & Breakfast operation. Both Madison and Rooster have exploited to the max their connection to Matthew to make money. Rooster managed to use his connection to Matthew to get a reality show called “West Texas Investors’ Club” on CNBC. He has a twitter @RoosterWTIC. He brags that he is worth $50 million. No doubt his wealth comes in part from this ranch.

      Their Turn should correct this story and if you want to close down the operation, make your complaints to CNBC.

      It’s nothing to do with Matthew. He’s not his brother’s keeper.

  4. Joe says:

    Most peoples comments on here are crazy. First you all make it sound like the deer are in cages and turned loose in front of the hunter to blast away at. No the deer are running loose on the ranch and people pay to hunt on the private land. Much like is done on the east cost as there is very little public land to hunt on. Second if you have ever paid for meat in a store then you are way more cruel due to the way the animals are raised and slaughtered for the masses. So I see no problem keeping deer on a very large ranch that helps keep predators from killing them and there offspring and stressing them out day and night. So it sounds way better then cattle in a feed lot. Now I would have an issue if they where kept like a herd of cattle penned up side by side and you pick out an ear tag and shoot it. So this is not a canned hunt. People might want to look up what a canned hunt really is. A canned hunt the animal is let out of a crate with a jerk ready to shoot just like shooting clay birds. So people might want to do some research before opening there mouth and putting there foot in. Thanks for letting me express my opinion.

  5. DAN FRAZIER says:

    “BIG Jim”, Matthews ‘ dad did not die in the saddle — died playing golf with friends — I am the Funeral Director that picked him up !!!!!

    1. Minnie Blum says:

      His brother Mike ‘Rooster” McConaughey and his son Madison own this ranch. They stuck a photo of Matthew up to attract customers. Rooster loves trying to take advantage of his brother’s fame.

      And now Rooster has a reality TV show called West Texas Investors Club starting on CNBC tomorrow.
      He has a twitter account too #RoosterWTIC and you can tweet how you feel about his canned hunt.

  6. D says:

    Deer meat is so gamey, gross. I can’t beleive anyone would eat it. Someone should round up all those sunsabitches put them in a pen and let some lucky bastards open fire on em.

    1. Katherine says:

      Why is this article about him, if he doesn’t own it anymore?

    2. Katherine says:

      Deermeat can be constipating. It’s better suited for a Wolves stomach.

  7. Zack says:

    What size of can are we talking? 10×10? 50×50? No. This is a 22,000 acre ranch. Can you commies even grasp how big that is? It over 34 square miles where the deer can roam as they please. STFU. You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Have fun eating tofu and sprouts, I’ll enjoy life. If I had a few thousand to spare, I would love to pay for one of these “canned” hunts.

    1. mona says:

      Well Zack, while you’re enjoying your life seeing animals hunted down and killed, remember tofu and sprouts do not involve murder.

      1. Its time the animal rights movement get its shit together. Of course no one wants to see any animal hurt but trashing or going after legal hunting, such as on McConeghy’s ranch isn’t working, it’s not the right time. The animal rights community must focus our collective energy on domestic animal abuse first to change people’s ideas on how they should see other living beings. Calling killing an animal a murder only makes us look ignorant, animals cannot be murdered.

        To be credible and show the people at home & abroad that the AR movement is not a bunch of KKK haters, or violent whack-jobs who need to be locked up we must present ourselves and our cause to the world as being made up of decent civilized people the racism & hate must go, including the deplorable racist hate campaign #StopYulin2015. How does anyone except to get the Chinese to listen to a bunch of enraged foreigners who only insult their heritage, customs and way of life?

        My Facebook group promotes non-racist, non-violent animal rights activism and we are building a list of such that will be published in the group. For more check out:

    2. Alecia says:

      You, Zack, are what is wrong with this wirld. Heartless, soulless and conscienceless! Hope you choke to death on your meat!

  8. Gidge says:

    Every single one of you are hypocrites. Why? Not one of you negative commenters bothered to become educated on the positive side of canned hunting.

    #1 – It is their own herd of deer.
    #2 – They maintain the deer.
    #3 – Matt sold his interest in 2011. Talk about a bunch of grudge holders.
    #4 – Canned hunts can take place on a 500 acre ranch just as easy as it can take place on a 10 acre ranch. The ranch no where states it is a “canned” hunt. The writer of the story named it as such.
    #5 – I dare one of you who eat any meat or fish or chicken to eat something someone has not killed. *waits* No one? No one wants to eat a live animal? No one wants to go fishing and then take a bite out of the fish still gasping for air? No ones to bring a live chicken home and start taking bites out of it? I didn’t think so. No you’d rather go to BK and let someone else do your dirty work.

    Please educate yourselves on things before you start drudging someone’s name through the mudd.

    1. Donny Moss says:

      “Positive side of canned hunting?” There is nothing positive about shooting an animal for sport in any area, much less an enclosed one. If McConaughey sold his share of the ranch in 2011, then why did the website have, until yesterday, a photo of him with a caption that said “co-owner” on its “Meet the Staff” page. The bottom line is that he used his celebrity to promote his family’s business that includes canned hunts. All blood sports are sadistic, but there’s something especially evil about making an animal trust you and then shooting her in cold blood.

      1. Pamela Whistley says:

        I saw him on The Tonight Show years ago saying he owned a hunting ranch and I have been disgusted ever since. I also found the website to it at the same time many years ago. Since I’m a vegan and care about animals, I decided to post about it on Facebook on Saturday the 31st. The website was still there with him as a co-owner with no change. I shared it in numerous vegan groups and now it has blown up and a lot of people now now. Thank you Donny Moss for writing about this. I wish people would also feel bad for the cows there too.

      2. Minnie Blum says:

        The ranch belongs to his brother Michael “Rooster” McConaughey and his son Madison McConaughey. It doesn’t belong to Matthew. “Rooster” it was just announced will have a reality TV show on CNBC this summer – why? Who knows. He’s taking advantage of his brother’s fame, just like he did by sticking a photo of him up on his website to attract customers.

        So you can take your complaints about the ranch to CNBC.

    2. Cynthia Doyle says:

      My point of view is just as significant as yours….so, I will take the freedom and liberty I have….and stand next to you in giving my opinion….:LIFE is SACRED….and we are stewards…. the innocent are hunted…for sport….occasionally to feed on….but, according to statistics….hunting to eat…is not the norm…but rather for sport…so, again I say….life is sacred…and we hunt the pure…the deserving….the innocent…..and for what it is worth….I have not eaten meat for 23 yrs…so, maybe even in your posted reasoning…..I may have a position to be respected………….all life is precious….sacred….given by the creator to be stewards over…to honor…to protect…and see HIS goodness toward us…

      1. leon phelps says:

        Lady you need to put the crack pipe down majority of hunters hunt for meat I know I do and everyone I know does as well what do sport hunters do just leave it to waste is think not it is something taught to every hunter eat what you kill or don’t kill at all

    3. m.r. mcdaris says:

      GIDGE – Regarding Items #1 and #2 in your statement…how does the fact that someone owns and maintains an animal make it less offensive to sneak-kill it for sport? Think of “owning and maintaining” any animal (dogs, horses, cats). Should we, therefore, turn our dogs loose in the pen and start shooting them for fun or fees? (I imagine folks do pay a fee for the “privilege” of killing the deer, don’t them? Animals who have no defense, sort of like fish in a barrel).
      And as to educating ourselves, as you requested…”drudging” and “mudd”–are those even real words??? Just saying.

    4. Bernadette Ferriter says:

      Because you are a ranch owner, does not mean you are qualified to murder animals…

  9. Ronda d says:

    You all realize how many hunting shows are on tv, and just because a famouse actor is attached to it you start bashing them, where in this world did it become ok to be so judgmental.

    1. Donny Moss says:

      You’re more angry that people are “judgmental” about hunting than you are about that fact that people shoot and kill helpless, innocent animals just for fun?

  10. Lesales Dunworth says:

    will do nothing to support him. Complete heartless a-hole.

  11. hulya johnson says:

    This is so Sad and disturbing They also shoot the animals full of sedatives! Matthew McConaughey, you have no soul and you are evil. Same goes for your wife who goes right along with you!

    1. Gidge says:

      What was shown in the HSUS Investigation is not indicative of people who own ranches with fences and allow people to hunt on them.

  12. azita karimi says:

    what a loser Ill never buy another ticket to his movies again….do something positive in the world with your millions……not negative!!

  13. MAL says:

    God Damn you little Matty..Little because you are a killer. Why dont you just ti em up before you slaughter these defenceless animals. You are a mongrel dog (no thats too god fer ya). I dont wanna see any more films with a butcher in them PISS OFF

  14. stephanie says:

    I get being “Texan”, but why is this even considered hunting? There is no way to miss. Isn’t this for BAD HUNTERS? You know, the ones that need to have a bulls eye that doesn’t move? Deer are plentiful, but this leads to canned LION HUNTS! I have always liked Matthew and his antics, but this is unbelievable. I am so sad to learn that he has invested his money in this type of ranch! Does this mean Levi is going to go to Africa and hunt the Big 5? Times they are a changin’ and Matthew, hopefully, will get with the program and realize that this is so 1900’s. We are all trying to save the earth’s wildlife, and here he is promoting kills of the cowardly kind. Somebody tweet him! He can join the other amazing famous people that use their power for good, and for change. Not for the who cares, let’s carry on with what we do frame of mind.

    1. Brad says:

      Do you people realize how ignorant your statements are, most of you probably eat other types of meat but think this is cruel. I personally hunt for the meat not the rack, so I could care less. Also this ranch is huge most of these animals never even see the fence. So the next time you sit down to devour a nice juicy ribeye remember this animal lived its entire life on an area the size of your living room or that chicken breast, that chickens feet probably never even seen the ground. So stop being so judgmental and ignorant about a situation you know absolutely nothing about.

  15. Pam Santos says:

    Is this the worst thing happening in the state of Texas? No! We have larger battles to fight and they involve humans. Yes, guns & humans!

    Dang, leave these folks alone to run their legitimate business. If it was against the law they would not be in business. It is all so simple.

    No doubt that the rumble is because it just so happens that Matthew McConaughey is a handsome, famous, and an award winning star. If it were one of your family members… none of this would be written (critized). Why? Well that’s not a trivia question. You figure it out.

  16. Cheryl says:

    It’s upsetting that such a talented actor is so thoughtless and cruel. Doesn’t he have enough money?

  17. Iam a decorated Vietnam Veteran have been in many firefights and been wounded .Never would shoot a defencless animal unless I had too and for those canned hunts thats not hunting its just for the rich lazy dudes that want to shoot an animal that cant get away and tell stories how they got it . Shoot at something that will shoot back .And dont take me wrong I do have my guns and belong to the N.R.A. These guys could afford to go on areal hunt if they were real so called hunters but they would rather fence them in and shoot them .And the movie star send him to Irac !!!!

    1. Minnie Blum says:

      PETA has confirmed that Matthew McConaughey does not own this ranch. He sold it in 2011 and there was no deer hunting, just cattle and horse breeding when he was involved with it. It belongs to his brother and his nephew.

      1. Donny Moss says:

        Minnie. Your statement is incorrect. McConaughey’s rep said that he co-owned the ranch until 2011, which is four years after the ranch began offering canned hunts. Furthermore, he was listed on the website as a staff member and co-owner until today, when it was removed. Until today, he was allowing his name to be used to promote canned hunts sold by his family members.

  18. michelle Christofilakes says:

    this is disgusting, shame on you. Find something to put you moneys use to that has a positive benefit for animals and humanity. hunting is not humane and that doesn’t mean factory farming is either. But this is really disgusting there is nothing athletic or sporting shooting an animal that’s stuck in a caged in area with no way to defend itself.

  19. Elinor Hawke-Szady says:

    WOW – so many comments on here about this. Matthew McConaughey is one of my all-time favourite actors. I will send him a message, and hopefully it will do some good. While I totally disagree with canned hunts, I just can’t boycott Mr. McConaughey’s movies. There are so many other actors out there who completely suck compared to him. Ideally, Matthew just might be swayed against this, which is hard to do in places like Texas (where he was born and raised). People grow up believing it’s okay – I grew up in a family where hunting and fishing was encouraged, and I don’t do it because I EDUCATED myself. Hopefully that’s all Mr. McConaughey needs here – education.

    1. Cyndi Conway says:

      Ok so my brother as well as nephews and uncles all hunt deer,rabbit and other animals and I have no problem with that but “canned hunting” is WRONG and I will NOT appreciate Matthew M ever again to think is Ok. Why you may ask is one ok the other not!!! My family and friends who hunt do it to put food on their tables they track and hunt an animal and do not leave anything to waste as well these are not trapped animals in a confined space. Too often I have seen folks kill a deer cut the head off for a trophy and leaving the rest. Shame shame Matthew. Couldn’t you find a better way to entertain. How about an animal reserve with close up views. I will not be following any movie you are involved in. Very sad about this but I will not condone these actions

  20. Nasim Ahmed says:

    Stop brutal hunts sell

  21. Anonymous says:

    Anyone who is not a vegetarian (or at least, consumes any meat that is commercially produced) should not, in my opinion, allow themselves to be against this. Do you think that the chicken, pork, or beef that you buy from the store was killed in a more humane way? Because it WASN’T. At least these deer have a facsimile of a free life.

    1. Carol says:

      You are so right. Three of my four children were chickens. We rescued them from bad situations and treated them as family- tucked them in at night, babied them with all the love in the world. The highlight of the day was to sit on the couch together for dinner and watch a show. We called it “famwe time”. To most people they are nothing. They have to be made to have no value- to be “nothing”- so that these idiots can eat them.

  22. Shirley says:

    Some of you folks make me wonder where you been hiding. My whole family hunts. They rent a deer lease for the year and a few weeks before deer season they head out and go throw out deer corn to bring the deer in. That’s right, feed them and let them know where the food is and then when the deer get good and fat and know where to go and eat, boom shoot their asses when they go to eat. Now tell me if that’s not a cruel, but very acceptable practice. I don’t care if they have 5 or 30 acres to hide in they are still gonna go to where the “free” food is. Now go figure that out.

  23. Marianne Branham says:

    This is disgusting.

  24. D. Hamm says:

    There is no sportsmanship here, the deer are in an enclosed area, well fed not afraid of humans. No reason to run. We have deer that come into our yard so it would not be sporting to step out my backdoor or front yard and kill a tame deer.Or is it tame em and kill em for people who can’t hunt or are too lazy to go out into the woods and really hunt. Well, they can always say “Hey, look at this tame deer I shot, didn’t even run and was well fed. See how fat and big it is!”

  25. Matt says:

    I support you I’m a hunter myself . People act like your putting deer in a acre pin and letting someone shoot it . They don’t understand just how big of a area the animals are really in . But there tree huggers not the brightest people in the world anyways .

    1. m.r. harvel says:

      Wow! Counted five huge spelling or grammatical errors there. Obviously, you have been hugging a few trees yourself, if tree-hugging is what makes one dim.

      1. Chad says:

        Try not to be so dim as to believe everything you read.

    2. as usual,,insults.Why do all defenses of killing things for fun involve insults.I am no tree hugger,disagree with canned “hunting”,am not against ALL hunting,own guns,have an I,Q. YOU COULDNT COMPREHEND,and still of course you will come back with another insult because you have to..its part of your condition.So go ahead,insult away..its always funny when you guys get all angry n shit.

      1. Cynthia Doyle says:

        Could not help but be curious about your choice to ridicule those that are ridiculing….double standard there Nigel…. also could not help but notice your comment re your superior intelligence…which apparently has not benefited you much when it comes to basic English grammar and punctuation….

  26. Marlene says:

    This article saddens me. I For one hope it isn’t correct.

    This type of behavior chips seaway our humanity.

    1. Wilma Linn says:

      I’ve never liked this man(if u can call him a man). He is egotistical and thinks he KNOWS and IS all.
      I truly wish we could do that to him and his help.They are less than human and deserve to be Canned Hunted.
      McConaughey u r nothing to a great deal of people and now ur even less.

  27. Mary Ann says:

    Deer meat is good. Deer Jerky is so delicious. I don’t see what is causing such an uproar over this. So what if Matthew McConaughey’s part owner of a ranch that does canned hunts. I didn’t see anyone lining up to show their outrage over this it’s been happening for a while now and now that a famous face is attached to this practice people want to boycott his movies, start petitions an such. Where is the outrage for the other ranchers that practice this form of hunting? What of them? I for one still fully support Matthew he is a great actor.

    1. Janie Murrieta says:

      im with you on this. Where do they think their Beef, Chicken& Pork gets to them. It’s gets put to sleep nicely. Then cut up.

      1. m.r. harvel says:

        “It gets put to sleep NICELY?”…??? If someone shot one of your beloved relatives, would you say he or she had been simply “put to sleep NICELY?” And then cut up…Your logic makes my head spin!

  28. Tucker says:

    I am amazed how easily you are all stirred into disgust. Do you always believe every word you read? Don’t you realize that this is an opinionated article designed to generate an emotional reaction and not interested in an objective presentation of facts?
    As a hunter, I have zero interest in a “high fence” hunt. But do all of you who have commented know the acreage and what you are talking about? Send your money and efforts to stop poaching of elephants or big cats, rather than wasting it on this topic. White tails are not in danger of extinction. Elephants may be extinct in your life time. Having seen them up close I can say they are more intelligent and compassionate than most of the folks posting here. Sure… myself included if you want.

    1. Donny Moss says:

      Can’t we be outraged and speak out about both elephants AND deer who are murdered for sport and/or profit? Why do we have to make a choice? Each individual animal – deer and elephant – wanted to live free from harm and to be left alone. In the case of the deer, we fence them in and hunt them down to satisfy our thirst for blood and desire for trophies.

      1. Minnie Blum says:

        Please do not equate elephants with deer. As soft-hearted as beautiful deer make me feel, people eat them (I don’t). You’ll find venison on every restaurant menu. Where do you think that venison comes from?

      2. Roger buckenham says:

        Save the deer ban driving cars and trucks they kill 10 times more deer than high fence hunts. I’m a caraterryen i never drive or will i ever poor deer.

    2. Robyn Newkirk says:

      Tucker: Poaching is another cause I am worried about. What do you know about the other causes we care about? Don’t you think that if we are outraged about this that we are probably outraged about poaching too? Hello?!!!! Caring about one does not make participating in the other okay. Also, there is something called evidence and pictures and websites and all of these things, including a “Meat, it’s what’s for dinner” commercial, let us know that this is not a fake story! I think people can tell the difference between something written to get attention and something fake. Your argument is null.

  29. Claudia Ferrara says:

    Disgusted by his involvement of canned hunting of animals

  30. Claudia Ferrara says:

    Wow this a a very different side of you, I am not a hunter nor do I come from a family of hunters. I am a supporter of the Humane Society and have rescued animals as my pets. I have seen all of your movies and really enjoyed the sensitivity of your Golden Globe speech this past year,
    yet after reading this information about your canned hunting ranch,my opinion of you has drastically changed. There have been a few huge super stars who have lost their following due public knowledge of such activities.. I could not be more disappointed in your pursuit of this personal lifestyle. Do you really need this extra money at the expense of these helpless caged animals?

  31. Em says:

    Are we talking about a fenced in area consisting of several acres/square miles or a small penned in area? Without that info, you can’t judge whether or not these are canned hunts. In canned hunts, animals are placed in pens so that they’re trapped and impossible to miss. If the fenced in area on McConaughey’s ranch consists of several acres/square miles, the deer have plenty of space to run and hide to evade hunters, likely just as much or more space as deer living in farm country or the outer fringes of suburbia. The setup sounds like it’s meant to maintain a healthy deer population, not trap deer so that they’re easy targets. Canned hunting is despicable, and I’m not a McConaughey fan, but this article doesn’t contain enough detail to determine if that’s happening. It’s merely being inflammatory for the sake of being inflammatory. How about getting more info before flying off the handle.

    1. Donny Moss says:

      People check into the McConaughey’s lodge for the express purpose of hunting down and killing deer for sport — not to help maintain the population of deer in a fenced in area. It’s a blood sport. People go home with the heads of animals, and the McConaughey’s supplement their cattle income. But there are murder victims in this business transaction.

      1. Em says:

        All animals die. It’s impossible to provide safety and sanctuary to all. Either they die due to human intervention or you let nature take its course. Which is worse? Nature is cruel. Deer in the wild are subject to disease, parasites, congenital defects, injury, predation, starvation, drought, floods, brush/forest fires, and more. Death in the wild is not painless; its brutal and rarely quick. What humane – and realistic – alternatives do you suggest?

        1. Robyn Newkirk says:

          I love your reasoning for why canned hunting or hunting alone is more humane than leaving animals alone in the wild because, unless they are hunted down by humans, they will be left to suffer from disease and be eaten. Well, I don’t think lions exist in Texas, and to say that they suffer living freely in the very habitats that they have evolved to survive in and live out the behaviors that nature has intended for them to is downright nuts! If you think animals aren’t happy because you feel YOU wouldn’t be happy living how they are, well that is why YOU are not an animal and THEY are! But don’t make that twisted train of thought your reasoning for letting canned hunts be valid in your mind, because you know very well, that doesn’t make any sense whatsoever! And don’t be like the cowards who participate in canned hunts. Leave your name like everyone else, “Em!”

          1. Minnie Blum says:

            Robyn, Unless you, your whole family and the family dogs and cats are vegans, you really don’t have anything to complain about. Pure hypocrisy.

            Shooting a deer on a 22,000 acre ranch is not comparable to the suffering of animals being factory farmed to serve up as Big Macs, bacon and fried chicken.

            This ranch is also a cattle ranch and one thing I noticed on the website is that it is free range. Don’t you feel bad for those poor steers who are going to wind up on someone’s plate just like the venison does? Of course, deer look so much prettier, don’t they?

            As for predators, deer are taken down by packs of coyotes, mountain lions, feral hogs and of course cars, cars, cars. Of course, sometimes when they get hit by cars, the people in the car also get killed.

          2. Mike green says:

            Are you a vagaterien ? Because animal seman is super good for you !! Great for your skin and your tummy !! And bonus you will make the animals super happy all the while letting them live and let live .

  32. Rosalyn Roberts says:

    I get so nervous just reading about “canned killings”…..You must have a brain disorder to think this is ok… SOCIOPATH!!!!! I hope Lincoln pulls you out of their commercials (and cars)…..CLOSE THAT RANCH, GET HELP, NOW!!!! SICKO.

    1. Mike green says:

      Rosalyn go pet your cats , feel better yet ok great . Now look at the ingredients in their food . Those poor fish and chickens had to die to feed all of your cute pesky critters .
      I am willing to bet you are also upset about the canned hunt at the pulse ranch .

  33. Glenda Bennett says:

    Mr. McConaughey, I can’t say that I have always been a fan of yours, but in the last few years I had begun to respect you as an actor and a decent person, but upon hearing that this cruel and inhumane “sport/game” is something that you endorse and profit from truly makes me ill. I am sure that I speak for all of the true animal lovers of the world when I say that “canned hunting” is one of the most disturbing and disgusting things I’ve ever heard of. I am sure that a person in your financial position does not have to depend on this barbaric enterprise to secure your future.

  34. Zelda Penzel says:

    I just left these comments on McConaughey’s FB page;vitriol and insults do not win converts or lead to productive discussions:

    Unlike some of those who have commented on this page, I have enjoyed many of your films and think you are a fine actor. I also see that you have a Just Keep Livin’ Foundation for high school kids and that is indeed admirable and testimony to your concern about adolescents leading good, healthy and productive lives! Bravo!!! But that said, I must ask what kind of example do you personally set for young people when you own or have interests in a ranch that butchers animals and allows people to come in to kill innocent creatures in what are known as “canned hunts”? Other than making money on such ventures, what can you personally derive from such hideous and unspeakable treatment of living sentient beings?

    Do you want the world that our children inherits to be one in which cruelty, suffering and violence are acceptable, every-day activities for personal amusement? A world in which living, feeling beings, capable of suffering and feeling pain are treated like commodities or a stick of furniture that can be destroyed for personal gain or fun? As a father, you need to be aware that your child will be living in a world in which global climate changed will have affected every living creature on earth. You have already seen the horrific droughts in Texas, and elsewhere, where people are starving to death because crops are used to feed cattle instead of people, the very same cattle that are the primary cause of global greenhouse gasses which exceed that produced by all busses, cars, trucks etc in the world combined.

    The anger and rage expressed on this page, is one that reveals great sadness and disappointment in someone that many of us have admired and looked up to for many years. I hope this will be a wake-up call for you to become informed and learn more about the suffering you are condoning and endorsing, in both human and non-human animals, by your ranching and hunting! The internet has a wealth of information, if you’re willing to take the time to learn. That’s what a good role model should be and do!

    1. jerilee says:

      Bravo,well said.

    2. Denise Melanson says:

      Awesome reply. Absolutely perfect.

      1. Mike green says:

        All of you that are down on this guy for having a hunting ranch should go make baskets and pottery eat some vag I mean veg smoke some weed and then enjoy a community kook aid ritual with your ignorant friends .

        After all of that you can fuck off and let people do what they want .
        He is self identifying as a meat eater .

  35. Larry Trepel says:

    To argue that “canned hunting” is a more despicable form of hunting implies that “normal hunting” is more acceptable, a more fair match, more challenging, and more rewarding. I argue that all hunting is the same devious, sadistic practice of murder. Whether you’re shooting a deer on a canned hunting range or shooting an exotic animal in the mountains of Kenya, it’s all the same. Using a high-powered rifle to assassinate an animal is sick, not a sport, and no different than murdering a human. Whatever the setting, it’s all the same crime.

  36. Mary Anne says:

    I totally disagree with this type of hunting. I disagree even MORE with the CRUELTY to the cows, pigs and poultry that are our food source. If we used this (above) kind of emotional energy that would lead to less cruelty to the butchers of cattle we MIGHT make a difference. One documentary I watched on Netflix showed a guy driving a forklift and pushing a living cow over trying to get it onto the forklift to throw it into a pen for slaughter. The only positive for the canned hunt animals is that they aren’t physically abused before they die. So please check out the cruelty in our cattle, pigs and poultry ranches. About poultry the documentary showed that chickens were grown to be so fat they couldn’t even stand up and were so overcrowded they died where they fell. So all that disgusts me much much more.



    1. Mike green says:


  38. Janie VanHoose says:

    I am truly disappointed to hear this 🙁 How can one give Glory to God in an acceptance speech and then turn around and allow “people” to kill animals on your land for the “sport” of it? The animals don’t even get a chance to escape or for that matter, what idiot can’t kill something that is confined? I don’t believe this takes much talent! I don’t believe this is what God meant when he told Peter “Rise Peter, Kill and eat”. True hunting for feeding and clothing your family and using the entire animal is what God had intended for us to do when he gave us dominion over the animals. Try reading Proverbs 12:10 and 12:27, this should give you an idea of how your behavior should be. This has turned my entire opinion of what I thought of you around. Truly sad, Mr. McConaughey.

    1. Minnie Blum says:

      I looked this up. The ranch actually belongs to Madison McConaughey his nephew. I think he puts his uncle’s picture up just to get publicity for himself.

      Call Madison McConaughey to complain. His phone number is on the website.

      1. Mike green says:

        Minnie may I make you some Tea , I will bring the bag and we can steep it right there in your gapping mouth . Do you take milk ? Well you will today

  39. reed birnel says:

    Not only that but, your acting sucks… you have a missed up personality disorder…

  40. reed birnel says:

    You are a coward!!!

    1. Mike green says:

      I feel as if I “missed” something here . Are you staring at the wall right now ? Wearing a beaker costume from Sesame Street . You can’t compute can you … That’s totally missed up yo.

  41. Lisa Hartmann says:

    I cannot believe that you are supporting this, I will no longer watch any of your movies because I cannot support this cruelty in any form. Please educate yourself and stop…people do not need to entertain themselves this way!

  42. Millie says:

    Only scumbags and impotent people get their jollies by killing defenseless animals. They have no respect for LIFE. … Either their own or the life of others. It is even worse when the animal is in a trapped and confined area … Where is the “sport” here?? If you want some sport, I say put these people, without a weapon, in a confined area with a hungry lion; let them fight the animal on a one to one combat level playing field. I bet you wouldn’t have too many takers here!!!

  43. Ann ellis says:

    You evil cowardly piece of crap

    1. Mike green says:

      Angry much ?

  44. Doris Bray says:

    Matthew McConnauhey you are a disgusting person if you’re supporting this canned hunting! I will never watch or buy another one of your films!

  45. Minnie Blum says:

    I opened this up thinking the “canned hunt” was zoo animals or something. People, this is also a cattle ranch. So they slaughter cattle. Deer are cuter but do you think being shot is worse than being taken to the slaughterhouse? If you do, you’ve never visited a slaughterhouse.

    I hate deer hunts, but people do eat them so at least it isn’t just pointless killing.

    Anyway, this ranch belongs to his brother not him. Brother’s put his name up to attract clients who think they might meet him, not just the brother.

    Hate canned hunts but hate slaughtered cattle just as much.

    1. Vicky says:

      The article states that he owns the ranch & his brother manages it.

      1. Minnie Blum says:

        Matthew McConaughey lives in Malibu. He probably gave his brother and nephew the money for the ranch. His whole family appears to mooch off him. And they use his name to attract clients. This ranch is way out in West Texas, not even anywhere near Austin where McConaughey also has a home.

        If you guys are vegans, you are justified in posting. If you eat meat, you’re hypocrites. Slaughtered cattle, pigs, chickens, sheep, etc., have much more miserable lives than deer do. Wake up. Stop eating all meat products.

  46. It isn’t possible to leave a message on his FB page,so have to say it here.Sir… opinion of you is ZERO….your actual worth on this planet as a compassionate human being….ZERO.With the many options good fortune has bestowed upon you…you chose to do this.A huge FAIL.I AM SO HAPPY NOT TO BE YOU,or anything like you….

    1. Mike green says:

      FAIL !! Two first names ? Come on dude , and I bet you beat a drum for LGBT to use whatever bathroom they like and legalize drugs because we want them !! But let one person that wants to hunt and enjoy the outdoors you come unhinged . Hit reset on your ignorant thinking. Drugs used by LGBT people kill more deer with their cars than they do on this ranch .

  47. marie says:

    Unfortunately in this area in Texas it’s a common thing. There’s a lot of ranches like this. It is sad. I live in the hill country and deer are my friends. There’s some that hang out in this empty property behind my house. I call for them and they approach me. So cute. I’m the deer whisperer. Matthew is from the same hometown as me. Uvalde, Texas.

    1. Minnie Blum says:

      We see deer every day here. They’re beautiful but I have to say they are less attractive when they are lying by the side of the road because they’ve been hit by cars.

    2. Mike green says:

      That is super cute!! We have the same thing in Hondo little Guys just come up to the back door we have water one corn out for them . We can pet them and roll around on the ground , mock each other with playful little hops , even press hoof hand bumps. They understand when I am low on jerky and they present me with their neck meat so that I can cut their throat . I hold them while they bleed out and then drag the little guy in the shed behind the house . Steaks , ground venison and breakfast sausage galore !! Soooo good . And they keep coming back for more whenever I run out .

  48. Marta says:

    Matthew McConaughey, I cannot believe what I am seeing. I will never support any of your movies. Shame on you!!!

  49. Susan says:

    a petition needs to be started and I for one won’t watch one single thing he is in or buy a product he fronts.

    1. Roger buckenham says:

      Who cares what you watch . do you really think you’re a somebody. That’s so cute Mathieu got a ranch that has deer hunting I’m never gonna watch him on tv or the movies boo hoo.

  50. Bonnie Nevling says:

    I cannot believe that you support canned hunts, how cruel and inhumane. I certainly hope you instill better values in your children. This is not something they should be brought up to believe is ok.

  51. Robbie Green says:

    Wow! Didn’t realize you were such a vile person, shame on you. You have lost a fan and i will not contribute to any upcoming films or past for that matter!

  52. tina phebus says:

    I am sad for Matthew McConaughey as a person. The fact you think this is ok disgusts me and embarrasses me ands a human. Your name will never be spoken in my house again. You movies no longer watched. I hope you one day realize how wrong this is.

  53. Nora Jones says:

    If this is true, I will no longer be watching anything that you are in.

  54. Gay Norman says:

    What he is doing us NOT illegal. Get over it!

    1. Donny Moss says:

      Slavery was once legal too.

    2. joan silaco says:

      are you comfortable with every action in life because its legal? you never object to anything as long as its legal? i’m sure there are some actions that are geared towards people that are legal, but still do harm to others. like female genital mutilation? if you think everything is wonderful, then you’re either a heartless excuse for a human, or you’re a troll! because no country is a perfect place.

      1. Mike green says:

        Hold the fucking phone jo we are not talking about your mutilated genitals here . No no no we are talking about shooting a deer legally and eating it. I bet that mutilated vag meat dosnt get eaten much either . That is illegal also you know .

    3. Debby Brown says:

      I will not be watching him in any form or fashion. I think he is a sleeze bag hunter. There’s a proper way to hunt and he does it the cowards way!!! I had no idea he was so disgusting and if you think what he is doin is right you are also a scum bag looser!!! Yes I will sign any petition to get this type of hunting stopped!!! I hate people who have no regard for the animal world!! Scum!!!

      1. Mike green says:

        Great thing about your petition there slappy ; we don’t give two shits . Waste your breath and waste some ink , I will be getting my bag limit on deersallas this year .

  55. Cynthia Vega says:

    I will no longer watch or purchase anything with Matthew McConaughey. What an awful person.

  56. Sharon Heath says:

    This is not hunting this is ENTRAPMENT PLAIN AND SIMPLE!

    This is so wrong on many levels, a REAL HUNTER , goes out and kills whatever he’s hunting treking through the woods for hour mostly to feed their families not gor the sport of it! Back in the day they ate what they killed and used every part of their kill, not just so they could have a 4 point buck mounted on their wall! These kind of killings just for sport is disgusting! I’m appalled you call yourself a TEXAN, your a slaughterer of Gods creatures! Never will I watch any of your movies or support any thing your tied too!

  57. Alishanee Ahawi says:

    He is obviously greedy & has little to zero compassion. I also won’t be going to any of his movies, not that I ever liked him a great deal to begin with. Pure greed.

  58. penny zielstorf says:

    I will never, never watch anything he star’s in or has anything to do with. Why would anyone do this him of all people its not like he needs the money…no way can I look at him from this point forward.

    1. Minnie Blum says:

      The ranch belongs to his brother Michael “Rooster” McConaughey and his son Madison McConaughey. It doesn’t belong to Matthew. “Rooster” it was just announced will have a reality TV show on CNBC this summer – why? Who knows. So you can take your complaints about the ranch to CNBC.

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