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Activists Dispute Government Report Claiming Australian Animals Are Treated Humanely in Live Export Trade

January 27, 2015 by Leave a Comment

The News

Each year, Australia loads millions of live sheep and cattle onto ships and exports them to countries in the Middle East and Asia that have few, if any, laws governing the humane treatment of animals. Because undercover investigations conducted over the years have consistently exposed atrocities during every leg of the journey, activists are working to eliminate live exports altogether.

In response to mounting anger among members of the public, the Australian government rolled out a set of “welfare” regulations in 2011 to protect exported animals – the Exporter Supply Chain Assurance Program (ESCAS). Activists say that Australia simply cannot protect animals once they are unloaded from the ships, and they have ample documentation taken in destination countries to demonstrate that ESCAS does not work.

This week, the Minister of Agriculture Barnaby Joyce stated that a review of ESCAS “demonstrates that Australian livestock exported overseas are treated humanely in almost every instance.” Donny Moss of speaks to Australian activist Tanya Hardy about this claim, the reality and where activists go from here.

Your Turn

Please visit Animals Australia’s Ban Live Export initiative to learn more about live exports and find out how you can help.

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  1. Ozaz says:

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  2. Shirley Birney says:

    Bravo to our American cousins for raising the horrific plight of Australian animals. I am again reminded of the vulgar and disgusting antics of a Liberal party, its leader Abbott and duplicitous Ag. Minister Joyce, who clamours for more brutal means to terrorise and torture Australian animals.

    No civilised person with an ounce of decency would support this vile business or the greed merchants who knowingly and wilfully traffic in live flesh. There is compelling evidence that terror groups are making a killing (literally) from the sale of animal hides and it would be naïve to suggest that Australia is not complicit in supporting militants who wish to harm the west (and beyond).

    Cruel, ignorant, primitive Neanderthals rule down under. Tell it to the people of all civilised nations and weep for our gentle creatures, hacked to death by barbarians while little children jeer.

  3. Ruby Toosday says:

    Thank you for your support. Many Australians do not want to be involved with this trade. We have a government who simply don’t care what we think. They’ve admitted that they are overwhelmed by our letters. They know we exist, but simply don’t care and make excuses. It’s heartbreaking what is happening to the animals.

  4. Suzanne Cass says:

    Thank you so much to our US friends for supporting us in the campaign against this hideous animal atrocity. Boycott Australia and all its products until it stops. Money is the only language the scum involved in it understand.

  5. Elinor Hawke-Szady says:

    I’ve signed several petitions against live export and will continue to do so. The treatment of these animals is nothing short of horrific. I wish more people would choose not to eat meat; then there would be less and less of a market for this.

  6. Lauren says:

    Live export = corporate profiteering, deceptive information and profound cruelty. The deplorable acts we hear about have absolutely no affect on people like Barnaby who clearly have a vested interest in this trade. ESCAS is a joke – once an animal leaves Australia there are absolutely no guarantees of safe passage and that the people on the other side will ensure no suffering in the slaughter process. There are equally profitable yet more humane alternatives to this trade… live export needs to end now.

  7. Cheryl says:

    I have been to almost every rally in Adelaide since 2011 and will continue to support the ban of live exports until its demise.

  8. Peter Gerard says:

    The ESCAS deals mainly with handling procedures which is very welcome in itself but is not the solution to the main cause of suffering which is the lack of stunning before slaughter. Most of the terror and pain is caused by the fact the animals are conscious at the point of cutting their throats, and this not only leads to difficulties in restraining them but also prolongs the suffering up until they become unconscious from blood loss which might take minutes.
    Barnaby Joyce and the graziers who send their cattle and sheep to these places know these facts but place far more importance on making profits than on compassion and what is best for these hapless animals. The minister and the graziers are in lock step on this matter and I find it almost impossible to fathom how they could stoop to such low levels of moral behaviour for the sake of making money.

  9. Carmen Diaz says:

    Thank you for care

  10. debera delgatto says:

    animals abusers should go straight to HELL.

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