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Raw footage: Activists Occupy Bullfight Arena

August 29, 2014 by Leave a Comment

The News

On August 25th, we reported that police and bullfight fans attacked protesters in Southwestern France after they entered the arena in an attempt to stop or delay the bullfight. Here is raw footage of the brave activists occupying the arena and then being dragged, attacked and pepper-sprayed by the police.

One day, this footage will be in a Museum of Animal rights. In the meantime, we must continue to make history by participating in or supporting non-violent direct action, as shown in this video.

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  1. Aficion a los Toros says:

    Lundi 13 octobre 2014 – Tribunal de Dax (France)
    Compte rendu du journal La Dépêche du Midi de Toulouse

    Six militants anti-corrida ont été condamnés ce lundi à des amendes de 1500 à 3000 euros pour des manifestations non déclarées, dont certaines ont été émaillées d’incidents à Rion-des-Landes, dans les Landes, en 2013.

    Le 24 août 2013, huit personnes avaient été blessées lors d’une journée d’action des anti-taurins, qui avaient envahi les arènes de Rion et s’étaient heurtés aux forces de l’ordre, retardant la novillada (corrida de jeunes taureaux).
    Après des audiences en deux temps, mars puis septembre, le tribunal correctionnel de Dax a condamné ce lundi Jean-Pierre Garrigues, le président du Comité radicalement anti-corrida (Crac), Jean-Mrc Montegnies, président de l’association belge Animaux en péril, Christophe Marie de la Fondation Brigitte Bardot, ainsi que Xavier Renou, à 3000 euros d’amende chacun, pour “organisation de manifestation illégale” et “entrave à la liberté du travail”. Les trois associations devront s’acquitter de la même amende. Elles ont également été condamnées à verser 4000 euros de dommages et intérêts et frais de défense au Cercle taurin de Rion et à la commune, qui s’étaient portés parties civiles.
    Un autre militant, poursuivi pour mise en danger de la vie d’autrui après avoir “essayé d’ouvrir une bétaillère” pour les libérer les taureaux dans la foule, a, lui, été relaxé.

    Dans un dossier joint, concernant une manifestation du 24 novembre, qui s’était déroulée sans incident autour d’un autre spectavle à Rion, une militante a été condamnée à 3000 euros d’amende pour organisation de manifestation illégale via les réseaux sociaux, et un autre à 1500 euros pour entrave à la liberté d’action. Ils devront en outre payer 2500 euros de dommages et intérêts au cercle taurin et autant à la commune.

    Me Guillaume François, avocat du Cercle taurin de Rion, a salué une décision de justice “très importante car elle met fin à cette espèce de volonté de guérilla urbaine mise en place par les anti-taurins avec l’organisation de manifestations sauvages”.
    Jean-Pierre Garrigues a, quant à lui, regretté des “amendes assez salées” et une volonter de “casser” judiciairement le mouvement, même s’il s’attendait à un rappel à la loi pour des manifestations non déclarées. “Mais si on regarde la jurisprudence d’autres manifestations non déclarées, de chasseurs, agriculteurs, routiers, il n’y a jamais eu d’amende de ce type”, a-t-il indiqué. “La justice veut faire un exemple et casser notre mouvement. Mais ça ne le cassera pas. Nous continuerons nos actions pour dénoncer la torture tauromachique”.
    Jean-Pierre Garrigues, le Crac, Jean-Marc Montegnies, et Animaux en péril, ont indiqué qu’ils feraient appel d’un jugement “totalement disproportionné”, selon Jean-Pierre Garrigues.


  2. Mike Anonymous Ham says:

    You know I would have no problem with bull fighting except for one thing. If the matador wins they eat the bull. Which is fine. The problem is that if the bull wins they still kill the bull. Thats not right. When a bull kills the matador he should be given a couple acres of beautiful grass covered land and a couple fine ass cow bitches. Do that and I will support bull fighting.

    1. Donny Moss says:

      But what about the pain and terror experienced by the bull as he is being tormented and stabbed to death? Why would we want to inflict that kind of pain on someone if we don’t have to?

      1. mili Rodriguez says:

        I agree with u Donny. Seeing an animal b tortured to death is entertaining???? Really???? Too many people lacking compassion.. sad

  3. anneli jonsson says:

    I’m proud over it i hope it can be stopped poor poor animals no more animal and human cruelty globally

  4. Amelia Garcia says:

    YES! It’s about time that this SICK game is put to an end!! It is brutal to animals! Why not make it person to person? That way, it is fair for both! KUDOS to those brave men and women who put their lives at risks by standing up to something humane!!

  5. Norma Benitez says:

    God Bless You all on such great work 🙂

  6. Norma Barkhouse Scott says:

    God bless these great hero’s, this bull fighting must stop, its barbaric cruelty for these innocent animals…..

  7. Norma Barkhouse Scott says:

    God bless these great Hero’s….This barbaric bull fighting must stop !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Audrey Stickler says:

    that good for these people to stop or delay it. they have right to protect that bull. what for bull fighter?? greedy and cruel. that is animal cruelty. this has to be stopped no sense in killing animals for entertainment that is horrible. that not love . also not good heart. that shame. i want see this banned and no more killing on bulls. these people are not human being think ok to kill it for fun. not right u people forgot is GOD he watch all of you doing someday he will judge them . think about it. what for kill?? you people going too far with abuse and killing and neglect and torture. think about our kids grandkids look up to this horror. shame on people they should know better and be smart about this.

  9. Jacki Baxter says:

    Thank you to all those wonderful brave people who put their lives in danger to peacefully protest against this barbaric spectical

  10. Fran Guille-Wadey says:

    Much respect to all the demonstrators….
    All cruelty needs to stop and now

  11. kira says:

    This is so beautiful. But also so sad, because there is a need for such bravery in the first place. Wish I could’ve joined them in their stand. But from a distance, I salute you!!

  12. Caroline says:

    Vous etes fantastique! Abas la corrida.

  13. lets hope the spaniards do the same the people who watch are as barbaric as the men killing in the ring

  14. Christina Elliott says:

    Huge respect to you brave people.

  15. barb dee says:

    This is horrific treatment of people who are compassionate enough to try to protect the innocent animals from unspeakable cruelty.
    Those police officers and those in the audience who cheered the police are the terrorists of life.
    Bravo to the brave AR activists, very sad indeed to see them being mistreated

    1. Karin Anderson says:

      Indeed KUDOS to these brave and compassionate protesters

  16. Bobbi Boland White says:

    So grateful for your courage; you give us hope that perhaps there is a slim chance after all for mercy and compassion to make a better world. Without the wonderful inspiration of a video like this, many of we hurting, despondent, weakened animal activists would just give up. God bless you!

  17. Rachel says:

    Lots of love, support and solidarity to these brave people. Keep on, keeping on.

  18. melcah says:

    Brave enough! Im in tears… this is the kind of protest I would risk my life with. The world is watching, most especially up above

  19. Bonnie says:

    I’m in tears watching this. Thank you with all my heart for doing this. It broke my heart when the police dragged you apart. Brave people.

  20. Pip D says:

    The killing and torture of animals for entertainment is disgusting/evil and barbaric. Thank you for your bravery, you are amazing caring humans…. We need more people like you x

  21. cindy doble says:

    Beautiful ppl beautiful animals , the police could have solved this humanely by shooting the bulls n saving them from a slow humiliating unnecessary cruel death , their not here for entertainment u cruel idiots that enjoy watching a vegetarian animal suffer more than it needs to . Thank god there’s ppl that care .

  22. Mrs elizabeth ferrari says:

    Bull fighting is just pure evil. To take an innocent creature and do such barbaric acts against it gives you an idea that maybe what we call animals is wrong, we should be calling those who do such acts against God’s creatures ‘animals.’

    Thank you for all that you do and putting yourself in harms way. The only way to bring the information to the forefront is to continue to do what we are doing. Because they want us to go away, they want the information that gets out to go away so that they can continue to abuse, torture and kill innocent creatures. One day they will pay!

  23. Philip says:

    The world IS WATCHING

  24. Clodagh McCusker says:

    Respect to the protestors. Keep it going. Don’t give up. The world is watching!!!!!!!

  25. Paula Routsong says:

    speaking from my heart to the protesters – YOU ARE FABULOUS! one day, one day soon I hope, this cruel torture of bulls will stop.

  26. Belinda Mercieca says:

    Thank you. You truly are heroes.

  27. owl master says:

    Get off my friends, asshole cops/fools

  28. Diane Bray says:

    Wish there were more brave, kind people like this that would stand up to the disgusting cruelty to animals. Shame on the idiots that can sit and watch the bullfights.

  29. Sharon J. Kennedy says:

    Deliberate cruelty to our defenseless and beautiful little cousins is surely one of the meanest and most detestable vices of which a human being can be guilty. Rev. William Ralph Inge, Anglican Priest, Prof. of Divinity, Oxford University (Outspoken Essays, 1922)

    The protesters are God’s heroes for they understand all life is one family…God’s. Shame on the Gendarmes for using pepper spray….they should have honored God and joined the protest to abuse of animals.

    1. meatfree says:

      So much love & massive support to the protesters. Go on!!!!!!! ♡♡♡

  30. Anita Bott says:

    Thank you. Thanks to allthe activists in spite of the police´violence.


  31. Pam says:

    So much courage to stand up for the animals!! Bravo, merci’!!!!

  32. Lisa de Leon says:

    Good job! Keep up the great work.

  33. Rebecca adams says:

    What inspiring heroes. Thank you.

  34. Christine says:

    All of y’all are heroes I’m right behind you 100% no bull should be killed!

  35. Vincent Di Santo says:

    Thank You, to all the courageous activists being a voice for the voiceless!!! This is amazing!!!!

  36. Denise says:

    This is really hard to watch. Violence really begets violence.

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