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Screaming Rabbits trigger Retailers to Ban Angora Fur

February 4, 2014 by Leave a Comment

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Land's End is the latest clothing manufacturer to ban the use of Angora fur after viewing undercover footage of rabbits screaming while having their hair torn out by workers. According to the Huffington Post, H&M, The Gap, Tommy Hilifiger and Calvin Klein have "suspended Angora production until they can verify that the farms they contract with are not engaged in abusive treatment of animals."

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The retailers looking for Angora from animals who are not abused are never going to find it because fur production is inherently abusive -- from the cramped cages where the animals go insane to the execution by gassing, anal electrocution and live-animal skinning. PETA provides more information on Angora and explains how you can help.

Japanese Newspaper Condemns Dolphin Roundup & Slaughter in Taiji

February 1, 2014 by 2 comments

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During the 2013 dolphin hunting season in Taiji, Japan, 834 dolphins were killed and 164 taken captive for aquariums and swim with dolphin concessions. In a ground-breaking editorial, The Japan Times calls for an end to the "herding, capturing and slaughtering of dolphins" in Taiji, challenging the government's claims that the practice is a "tradition" that "adheres to the principles of the law." [caption id="attachment_21" align="alignnone" width="300"]The cove in Taiji, Japan Slaughter in the Cove[/caption]

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Worldwide outrage, pressure from the U.S. Government, increased activism and resistance from within Japan will eventually lead to an end to the dolphin hunt. In the meantime, please encourage the people in your network to rent The Cove and to boycott aquariums and "swim with dolphin" concessions.

17 Bears Held Captive in Concrete Pits are Freed

January 23, 2014 by Leave a Comment

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Simpson's creator Sam Simon, PETA and the Atlanta Humane Society fought and won a battle to free 17 bears confined for years in concrete pits at a Georgia tourist attraction called the Black Forest Bear Park. The bears have been transferred to The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado and are now running freely on grass. Two of the bears were pregnant at the time of the liberation, and, for the first time in their lives, they will be able to raise their cubs. In the pits, their cubs were kidnapped shortly after birth.

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Being held captive in a pit is like living in a horror movie. The activists who freed these bears and the rescuers who are providing them with a sanctuary are heroes. Please visit The Wild Animal Sanctuary to find out ways you can support their work and help captive animals.

NY Courts Reject Effort to Grant Rights to Chimps

December 4, 2013 by Leave a Comment

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According to CNN, The Nonhuman Animal Rights Project (NhRP) lost its case in the state of New York to "grant captive chimpanzees the same rights as a 'legal person.'" A victory would have freed four chimpanzees in the state and sent them to sanctuaries. NhRP, which intends to appeal the case, said it "plans to file more lawsuits across the country on behalf of captive animals 'who are scientifically proven to be self-aware and autonomous,' such as elephants, dolphins and whales."

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Wild animals lead complex and fulfilling lives in their natural habitat and should never be held captive by humans. Because chimps are so intelligent and relatable, advocacy groups have worked tirelessly to rescue them from laboratories, where they can be imprisoned and experimented on for life. To learn about how you can help bring an end to animal research, please visit Stop Animal Exploitation Now.

Los Angeles Bans Use of Bullhooks on Circus Elephants

October 24, 2013 by Leave a Comment

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Los Angeles became the first city in the United States to ban bullhooks, tools used by elephant trainers in traveling circuses to "keep elephants under control." According to the L.A. Times, "voting unanimously, the City Council asked the city attorney's office to prepare an ordinance outlawing the use of the bullhook. Baseball bats, ax handles, pitchforks and other implements used on the pachyderms would also be banned." Some activists are angry that the Council" agreed to give circuses three years to either change how they handle elephants or remove them from shows altogether." Because elephants cannot be controlled without bullhooks, a ban on their use is really a ban on the use of elephants. According to One Green Planet, circuses that use elephants have already been banned in Bolivia, Peru, Slovenia, Cyprus, Greece, Paraguay, Columbia, the Netherlands. A ban in the U.K. goes into effect in 2015. [caption id="attachment_416" align="alignnone" width="400"]Circus Elephant Trainer with bullhook Circus Elephant Trainer with bullhook[/caption]

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Bullhooks are weapons used by "trainers" to scare captive elephants into submission. Their use is one of many reasons why elephants and other wild animals should not be used in circuses. If you support a ban on circus animals, then please see this article published by One Green Planet on ways you can help.