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October 15, 2014 by Leave a Comment

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Do you want to participate in animal rights advocacy in your area but don’t know of any local groups? Please see our Animal Rights Group Locator to find the organizations nearest to you.

If you know of organizations that are not listed in our database, please send them to us so that we can add them.

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  1. donnahands says:

    a man as stabbed a dog to death I wanted to no how can I create a protest to get the dog justice plz help anyone

  2. Pat sherman says:

    Please contact me9035194367

  3. Jason chatterton says:

    I’m currently on a building site in Stafford were there is badgers and newts on site. They have licence to build on here but still doesn’t help the badgers and newts as they are been killed and driven away from their own habitat if you all wish to come down and see for yourself it’s disgusting.. Stafford ST16 1GW

  4. Dear Sir/MS, I’m looking for a legal help in stopping this hunting for cats to be stop and for being harassment and intimation by Police for being an animal lover. I had SPCA Police Officer here and after checking out, everything fine but the police are following me when I go shopping or pick up meals and this has been going on since last year and I don’t why and I don’t have criminal record or anthing that warrart this action.I took my cat, Scooby Doo to the vet for a follow up check up after he had surgery to save his life for blockage in his urinary tractand came out to see woman officer were watching me leaving. This is not right. Can you help me for suggestion? Thank you for your time. Have a good day.

  5. Jay says:

    Hi john I’m jay I’m on here with terrible news I like hybrid cichlids fish a lot I’m breeding a red terror cichlid with a female red tiger motaguense cichlid to make the GREATEST cichlid ever i call the (RED PHOENIX KING CICHLID). There’s a guy on with a YouTube channel called (majestic aquariums TV) he talks about killing hybrid cichlids and his last name is Talbot and in the comment section there’s people telling him to feed them to sharks in his fishroom I can’t stand him people should protest on his channel he lives in Sidney Australia.

  6. Jay says:

    I’m on here cause I like hybrid cichlid fish a lot there’s a gout that talks about killing them I can’t stand him his YouTube channel is (majestic aquariums TV). In the comment section you will see people saying feed them to the sharks in his fishroom. Just type in (majestic aquariums TV) hybrid cichlids. Somebody should protest on his channel. As for me I’m breeding a male red terror cichlid with a female red tiger motaguense cichlid to make the GREATEST cichlid in the world.

  7. Lisa Ray says:

    Deer our being killed In Virgina where my parents farm is by food supposely to kill rabid Racoons,come on the state actually thought no other animal could read Raccoon posioned food,who can we contact to help us bring attention n stop this

  8. Grace says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your baby, Eddie. I’m reading this May of 2017. I hope you got the support you requested and justice has been served. It’s a very heartbreaking story. I know you’ll never be able to forget this tragic event but I hope your pain eases as time goes on. Hope your other dog has survived the injuries inflicted and that you both have recovered from the trauma you experienced.
    With compassion and empathy,

  9. Mike says:

    I want to find someone that can help me out i have two boxers on tusday13th some school kids unlocked my gate they got out this lady stabbed and killed my dog eddie sorry im hurting write now.and she stabbed my other do in the neck and back spca and the sheriff’s came out they didn’t press any charges.she lied to the cops and spca she stated thier wer no i witness but i got a knoc on my door he told me he saw everything he stated she walked up them stabbed eddie seven times maiden four times.he contacted fresno PD i hope they get her she killed my baby i got to find a way to get maiden help financial issues

  10. Christine Retzos-Witt says:

    Very interested to find out about this!!!

  11. John says:

    I always wondered where to go to figure out how to get involved. Thanks for posting this and all that you do for animals.

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