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Canada Goose Customers Are Unzipping & Donating The Fur Trim

March 20, 2017 by Leave a Comment

The News

In recent weeks, animal rights activists in NYC and Toronto have convinced dozens of people wearing Canada Goose coats to unzip the fur trim. Activists attribute their recent success to a growing public awareness about the cruelty inherent in producing Canada Goose and other fur coats.

Activists display fur trims collected during a protest at Paragon Sporting Goods, a Canada Goose retailer in NYC. (photo on right: Nathan Semmel)

During a protest at New York Stock Exchange on the day that Canada Goose went public, TheirTurn captured two of these incidents on camera.

Consumers who have agreed to unzip the fur have told activists that they thought the fur was fake or that they never stopped to think about what – or who – they were wearing until they were educated by the handouts, the recent media coverage and the anti-Canada Goose posters that have been plastered around the cities.

Rob Banks removes the fur trim from a Canada Goose coat in front of the New York Stock Exchange on the day that Canada Goose went public

Canada Goose decorates its coats with the fur of coyotes who are caught in steel leg-hold traps, where the wild dogs can suffer for days before the trappers return to shoot them in the head.  The canines often attempt to chew off their own limbs to escape the traps and return to their babies.

Activists donate the fur trim to rescue groups that use it to make blankets for orphaned animals.

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  1. isobel ewing says:

    no to any fur

  2. isobel ewing says:

    I myself don’t wear any fur real or not

  3. I have just read that Canada Goose has had record earnings which makes me very upset The only reason that Canada Goose makes money from the backs of Coyotes and this barbaric cruelty is because of public naivete

    The public has no idea that these poor Coyotes are caught and suffer for days in leg-hold traps and the down is ripped from geese who are left cut bleeding and in trauma for their down Then once the down has grow back It is ripped out again

    While I absolutely hate PETA for their stance on pit bulls I am glad they are doing this campaign It is only public awareness of this brutal cruelty perpetrated for profit by the Canada Goose company that will see a decline in theirs sales of these coats.

    1. Mark Caponigro says:

      Yes, PETA has lots of different kinds of people engaged in lots of different kinds of campaigns; and some of those people and campaigns deserve much more praise than others. It’s not fair to condemn the entire organization for the klutziness and cluelessness of some of their activities. Even just among their anti-fur campaigns, some work better than others. E.g. this anti-Canada Goose protest seems to have had a good effect; but on other occasions, the display of beautiful naked women has caused unnecessary offense.

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